The Wait for Oppo's First Luxury Phones Is Almost Over

Along with its 'most advanced camera system' yet

Oppo's first luxury flagship phones, the Find X5 and Find X5 Pro, boast the company's most advanced camera system yet and are set to release very soon.

The Find X5 series was first revealed in February, with pre-orders opening up in March, but there was still some uncertainty surrounding when, exactly, the new phones would launch. Well, no more wondering, as Oppo has announced that both the Find X5 and Find X5 Pro will be out next week.

Find X5 Pro lineup


One of the biggest bullet points on the Find X5 feature list is Oppo's new MariSilicon X neural processing unit (NPU), a chip Oppo claims can provide a large performance boost—not just to phone performance, but more specifically to computational photography. Essentially, Oppo says it can utilize a bunch of algorithms and process various imaging effects very quickly.

Find X5 Pro gaming


And photography really is the main point of the Find X5 series—or at least it's the aspect Oppo is most excited about. Between the partnership with Hasselblad and MariSilicon X, the claim is that the Find X5s will provide some of the clearest digital images possible so far (coming from a smartphone), including 4K video filmed at night.

Both the Oppo Find X5 and Find X5 Pro will appear in stores starting on Thursday, June 23rd, available in either Glaze Black or Ceramic White. The Find X5 retails for €999 (around $1,045 USD) and the Find X5 Pro is €1299 (about $1,358 USD).

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