The TikTok Generation Has Its Own TV

The Sero TV is a self-rotating 4K TV for our always scrolling culture

What: Samsung unveiled The Sero, a rotatable 43-inch 4K TV

How: The stand has a built-in motor, which can operate automatically or via your Android smartphone.

Why Do You Care: A lot of the content we consume on our smartphones is vertically oriented. Gen-Zers consume video and short clips through platforms like TikTok. It’s easy to imagine them enjoying a TV like this.

Vertical video isn’t going anywhere, certainly not if you look at The Sero, the unusual TV Samsung unveiled on Sunday at CES in Las Vegas.

Samsung The Sero
Samsung's The Sero 4K TV.  Samsung

The Sero is a 43-inch 4K TV that comes with its own motorized stand that lets it switch from traditional landscape mode to, yes, TikTok-friendly portrait mode. It’s the first 4K TV designed for our scroll-happy society.

You can control the TV transformation with your smartphone, provided it’s, for now, an Android handset. If you’re streaming content from your phone (Samsung Galaxy phones only at this time), The Sero can also, when synced with the phone, automatically switch modes to match the orientation of your video.

Samsung The Sero TV
Here's The Sero in Landscape mode.  Samsung

For example, if you’re watching a video in your Twitter feed and then turn your phone orientation to view it in landscape mode, the TV will rotate, as well.

I must admit, seeing a Samsung exec change the orientation of the TV with his phone during a press preview in New York was cool. The rotation is smooth and silent.

There are some interesting choices here. Because of The Sero’s unique stand, it cannot be mounted on a wall. In fact, Samsung showed it to me sitting on the floor, and Portrait Mode is the default mode. The stand does come with wheels so you can roll it around.

Even so, The Sero sits low to the ground, almost as if it was designed for viewing via a bean bag chair.

Samsung envisions The Sero as a sort of live piece of home décor, potentially displaying a photo stream from your phone or using the Sound Wall feature, which offers visualizations for music streaming from your phone. The speakers, which Samsung told me are quite powerful, live in The Sero stand.

The Sero started its life in South Korea for around $1,600, but this its U.S. debut. Pricing and availability in the U.S. have not yet been set.