Cheat Codes for The Sims

Cheat Codes for Money, Autonomy, and More

Several cheat codes can be used in the first version of the Sims game. They're so easy to apply that you'll wish you would have seen this list sooner!

To get into to cheat mode in the PC version of Sims, press CTRL+SHIFT+C during game play. Once there, just enter the code for each cheat you want to apply to the game.

Note: See these Sims 3 cheats for the PC game if you want cheats for that version of The Sims.

The Sims Cheat Codes

klapaucius*1000 simoleons
rosebud1000 simoleons
water_toolcreate streams
dump_happydump selected Sim's recent list of scored interactions to a file
!repeat last cheat
;separate multiple codes
set_hour <1-24>*set time of day
grow_grass <0-150>grow grass
map_edit offdisables map editor
map_edit onenables map editor
move_objects onmove any object
autonomy <1-100>set Sims ability to think
draw_floorable onfloor grid on
draw_floorable offfloor grid off
edit_charmake a Sim
house fileimport a house
hist_addadd history stat to family
historysave family history file
prepare_lotfix required lot objects
importimport a family file
interestschange interests of Sim
* for unpatched version