The Price of Your Sling Plan Might Increase Soon

Some users could see a slight price increase on upcoming Sling bills

Current Sling users could see a small price hike on their monthly bill for the cable-replacement service.

Some Sling customers have begun receiving emails warning them of a small increase in the price of their monthly bill. According to the email sent to a staffer at Lifewire, the price of Sling’s Blue and Orange service plans will increase to $35 a month.

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This pricing is something the company originally introduced to new customers back in January. However, subscribers who previously had the service were protected from the price increase due to Sling’s one-year price guarantee. That guarantee time is now coming to an end for many subscribers, though.

Back in January, Michael Schwimmer, group president of Sling TV, noted that the company also would be increasing the amount of free storage available using Sling’s DVR service, alongside the price hike. Schwimmer at the time also explained the change in pricing, saying that Sling needed to raise its own prices as networks raised the amount they charged the company for access.

As with any price increase, some users may be fine with the change, while others may consider it a reason to cancel the service. Ultimately, though, the $5 increase is not as substantial as the price hikes seen by some other streaming services. Plus, Sling says it is working to add more features, and the company seems confident it can make up for any additional costs that customers might incur along the way.

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According to the email, some subscribers may start to see the price increase starting in early August. It is unclear if other Sling users may see the increase earlier or later in the year.

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