The NFL Hits 'Fortnite' With a Big New Ketchup-Fueled Tournament

Now you can make KC Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes fight Goku

Fortnite welcomes Quarterback Patrick Mahomes to its Icon Series with several new outfits and a dedicated tournament.

The ever-expanding "who would win in a fight" simulator that is Fortnite has announced its first-ever Icons Series addition from the NFL: Patrick Mahomes, quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. Complete with his own signature emote and outfits. "Getting to be a part of a game that I have played for so long is a dream come true," Mahomes said in the press release, "It was awesome to be involved every step of the way on the creative and design of my Outfit."

Patrick Mahomes #15 of the Kansas City Chiefs looks on prior to a preseason game against the Chicago Bears

Michael Reaves / Staff / Getty Images

Mahomes will have two outfit options: His regular outfit with multiple variations (standard, bionic arm, and gladiator) and his Saucy Style outfit that showcases his love of ketchup. The quarterback's signature Showtime celebration has also been added to the game as a signature emote.

If you want to get a piece of the Superbowl MVP, you can participate in the Patrick Mahomes Cup to try winning his Outfit and Back Bling. The Zero Build Squads tournament will be happening on Tuesday, August 23, with teams going head to head and no in-game construction allowed.

One of Patrick Mahones' outfits in Fortnite

Players can also purchase Mahomes' accessories, outfits, and signature emote in the Fortnite Item Shop this Wednesday, August 24. There's no price breakdown yet, but items will presumably cost between 200 and 2000 V-Bucks. And V-Bucks can be purchased in bundles at $7.99 for 1,000, $19.99 for 2,800, $31.99 for 5,000, or $79.99 for 13,500. There will also be an in-person Tailgate Gladiators celebration event in the parking lot of GEHA Field At Arrowhead Stadium on Thursday, August 25.

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