The New PS5 DualSense Edge Gives You a Lot of Personalization Options

And we're not talking about swapping faceplates

Sony's new DualSense Edge controller for the PlayStation 5 touts customization as its biggest draw, but it's got nothing to do with cosmetics.

Much like the original PS5 DualSense controller, the new DualSense Edge features a sleek design with adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. So it's meant to feel good in your hand while also providing responsive button presses and more precise control. That's all to be expected, but what the Edge does differently is give you more control over the controller itself.

PlayStation 5 DualSense Edge controller

Sony Interactive Entertainment

Unlike a regular DualSense, you can adjust both the trigger and control stick sensitivity, as well as the "dead zones" to fit your preferences. You can also remap all the buttons as you see fit. On top of that, you can save more than one controller profile to the Edge itself and swap between them with a couple of button presses. It'll even let you control some gameplay-adjacent elements, like volume, directly through the controller.

The box comes with more than just the Edge controller and the requisite charging cable, too. It also contains three pairs of control stick caps (standard, high dome, low dome) and two pairs of back buttons (half dome, lever), which you can freely change out. It also includes a carrying case, which you can charge the controller through via a USB connection.

Outside of the DualSense Edge controller, there are also replacement stick modules that will be available. These aren't replacement control sticks, either—they're the entire control stick assembly, designed to be swapped in or out in what looks to be a fairly simple manner. Meaning if your expensive PS5 controller sticks start acting up, you can replace them relatively quickly and easily.

You can get the DualSense Edge for $199.99, while the replacement stick modules retail for $19.99. Pre-orders for both will open up at unspecified "select retailers" and through the PlayStation online store on Tuesday, October 25, with shipping starting on January 26, 2023.

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