GoPro Reports Overheating Possible with Zero Airflow

Turns out, if you record at 5.3K for too long, it'll shut itself down

If you use the new GoPro Hero10 Black to record at 5.3K and 60fps, it'll probably overheat and shut down after about 20 minutes.

YouTuber GadgetsBoy discovered the problem while trying to see how long the new camera could record on its highest settings. Turns out that's about 20 minutes, though that might also be circumstantial. According to a statement from GoPro given to Digital Camera World, airflow could be a big factor in preventing or delaying a shutdown.

GoPro Hero10 Black


GoPro has stated that, yes, the Hero10 Black can overheat, but being outdoors and moving should help. It goes on to explain that most GoPro videos (about 75%, it says) are shorter than 1:10, and often filmed outside where there's a breeze. It stands to reason that being pushed far beyond its typical performance parameters might lead to overheating, though these limitations aren't immediately apparent.

Based on GoPro's response and awareness of the Hero10 Black's overheating tendencies, it's unlikely to get a fix, and no mention was made of a recall or plans for replacements. It might be a consideration for future models—though this hasn't been said or even implied, either. Given how specific recording conditions have to be, this is understandable on GoPro's part.

If you're in the market for a GoPro Hero10 Black and don't mind its recording limitations, you can grab one for $549.98 ($399.98 with a one year GoPro subscription). Just try not to push it too hard for too long, yeah?

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