The LG Tone Free T90 Earbuds Could Compete With AirPods

Dolby head-tracking, Snapdragon drivers, and a built-in EQ

Apple’s Airpod line of high-end earbuds has become the de facto leader in the space, thanks to the inclusion of advanced audio-enhancement technologies, but LG looks to be coming for the crown or, uh, lobe.

The company just surprise announced a new line of premium earbuds, the LG Tone Free T90, filled to the brim with nifty features to rival Apple, Bose, Sony, and the rest. These earbuds are equipped with Dolby Atmos head-tracking technology, allowing users to feel as if they are directly in the center of anything they are listening to. 

LG Tone Free T90


Dolby's tech accomplishes this by constantly recalibrating the sound as the head moves around, resulting in a "more natural sound experience." This looks similar to the dynamic head tracking found with Apple's high-end buds. 

In addition to the spatial audio-enhanced head tracking, LG's latest offering also features a built-in equalizer, active noise cancellation (ANC), a charging case, and plenty of high-end audio tools. 

To that end, the LG Tone Free T90 earbuds boast larger-than-average drivers for deep bass sounds and Snapdragon's Sound Technology Suite for 24-bit/96kHz high-resolution audio. They are the first wireless headphones to include this particular version of Qualcomm's suite.

LG Tone Free T90


This also allows them to offer extremely low latency, and LG suggests these earbuds are a good fit for gaming. 

LG says these earbuds will roll out to major worldwide markets starting at the end of August, though they remain mum on the price. For comparison, Apple's Airpods Pro earbuds cost around $180. 

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