The Latest Switch System Update Lets You Group Games

No more digging through your entire library

The Nintendo Switch's latest system update has added a Groups option, which will let you organize and categorize the games in your library however you like.

Anyone who has more than a few digital games on their Switch knows it can be a little clunky to go back and play something you haven't have touched for a while. The system remembers 12 of the most recent games you've played—and in what order—but finding anything else requires digging through your library (a.k.a. "All Software"). The Switch's new 14.0.0 system update should make it easier to browse through your collection, so long as you take the time to organize it first.

Family using a Nintendo Switch OLED


If you navigate to your Switch's Library after updating, you'll see a new option for Groups that can be viewed by pressing "L" on your controller. Each created group has room for up to 200 games, organized by the order you select them in—but you can also manually change the order during group creation.

You can also name your groups as you make them, creating categories based on subject matter, genre, the presence of cats, or any other criteria you can think of. Up to 100 groups can be created, too, so you could even group games together alphabetically by title if you really wanted to—with plenty of group options left over, no less.

Using groups on the Switch

The 14.0.0 update also addresses Bluetooth device connections, such as increasing the maximum volume and allowing you to control volume from the Switch itself.

You can download and install the Switch 14.0.0 update now from the console's System menu.

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