The Latest Google Doodle Celebrates the Olympics

With classic anime and RPG style

Google has updated the search engine’s homepage to include an adorable little game you can play right in your browser.

In Doodle Champion Island Games, you'll take on the role of Lucky the Ninja Cat. Lucky has come to Champion Island to take part in the most prestigious games competition ever. Google says that the doodle is the largest interactive doodle that it has ever made, according to Engadget.

Lucky the Ninja Cat arrives at Champion Island in a boat


It’s very much inspired by the Olympics, which just kicked off, and the game offers a distinctive throwback to classic anime and RPG styles. In a behind-the-scenes video, Google revealed that the title was created in collaboration with STUDIO4°C, which has worked on a number of feature films and shorts, including Tekkonkinkreet. It’s also worth noting that the studio has credits on previous gaming projects, too, including Catherine.

Doodle Champion Island Games is made up of seven different minigames for players to jump into, as well as multiple side quests to take part in. The controls are simple, too, allowing you to move around and interact with options using keys like WASD, the arrow keys, as well as the Spacebar and Enter keys.

The cutscenes help tie everything together with that classic anima vibe, as well. All around it’s an enjoyable way to distract yourself for 20 to 30 minutes, maybe longer depending on how long the minigames take you to complete. Those who want to learn more about the doodle also can check out the behind-the-scenes video Google released, which details how the team came up with Lucky the Ninja Cat and some of the other characters you’ll encounter along the way.

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