The iOS Apple Support App Now Includes Paired AirPods

No more digging into multiple menus to look up warranty info or report a problem

The Apple Support app for iOS has been updated, and the new 4.3 version now includes paired AirPods in your list of devices.

Before the 4.3 update, the Apple Support iOS app only provided a generic AirPods menu option if you needed support or to report loss or damage. Now the app is able to display your specific AirPods (after they've been paired), and can provide detailed device information.

Apple Support app

This means you won't have to dig through a generic AirPods menu or Bluetooth settings to find your particular model. Now you can pull up warranty info directly in the Apple Support app, making it much easier to look up information or report an issue.

This is particularly important in the event that you run into trouble with your AirPods, as servicing will be free so long as it's within the first year of purchase. Though the One Year Limited Warranty only covers defects, not wear through normal use.

AirPods and AirPods Pro


This convenience also extends to in-person servicing, such as the Genius Bar. With the Support app installed and updated, all the information you need, including the serial number of proof of purchase, is easily accessed.

The Apple Support iOS app 4.3 update is already live. If you don't have the app installed yet, you can grab it off of the iOS App Store for free (an AppleCare+ plan is not required to use it).

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