The Galaxy S22 Is Going… Purple?

The new shade is bound for future Galaxy devices, too

Samsung revealed an all-new color option for the Galaxy S22: Bora Purple.

Colors are able to convey several kinds of ideas and emotions—consciously or not. To the point that it's an essential fundamental topic in pretty much all forms of visual art. It even ties into most interior design, like how most school rooms use cooler (i.e. calming) colors. And it's what Samsung says gives its latest Galaxy S22 color option, Bora Purple, more meaning.

Purple Galaxy device assortment


“With its pastel and neutral tones, Bora Purple embodies optimism and a sense of calm. It will unfold your world with the power of choice,” said Samsung VP of Global Brand Marketing Group, MX Business, Sonia Chang, “Whether you’re a K-pop star or a lifelong purple lover, the Galaxy S22 Bora Purple was made for you.”

It's certainly not the only time purple has appeared on a Samsung device, but it's one of the lighter, softer examples. Looking at the phone itself, it's more of a pastel purple with a tiny hint of pink mixed in—almost a lilac color.

Galaxy S22 Bora Purple


Along with conveying calmness and optimism, Samsung also states that the new color is intended to stand for warmth, a sense of welcoming, and inclusivity/diversity. It also explains that the word "Bora" is Korean for "purple"—so the name ultimately means "Purple Purple."

The Galaxy S22 will be available in Bora Purple starting on August 10th from, AT&T, T-Mobile, UScellular, Verizon, and Xfinity Mobile. The new color won't be limited to the S22, either. Samsung says that it will also be coming to other "new Galaxy devices" sometime later this year.

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