What is Wi-Fi? Definition of Wi-Fi

D-Link AC3200 Tri-Band Gigabit WLAN Router.


Wi-Fi is a type of short-area wireless networking. It is commonly used in homes and offices to create a network that can be accessed by computers, smartphones, game consoles, home theatre devices, and other gadgets. This allows these devices to access the Internet without needing a wired connection.

Wi-Fi is also used in public hotspots, which is an Internet access point made available in a public location.

Almost all smartphones have Wi-Fi support these days, and accessing the Internet on a smartphone via Wi-Fi can have several advantages. It typically offers a faster connection than many cellular networks (though some LTE networks offer speedier connections).

Moreover, Wi-Fi can immensely help improve your internet experience if you live in an area where network coverage isn't that great, and you don't receive optimal internet speeds on your LTE connection.

You can use a Wi-Fi connection to send and receive e-mail and surf the Web, often without using the available bandwidth on your smartphone's data plan. You should read the fine print of your contract to confirm this, but it can potentially save you money, especially if you don't have an unlimited data plan.

Also Known As:

802.11a wireless

802.11b wireless

802.11g wireless

802.11n wireless

802.11ac wireless

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