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The Black Heart

About The Black Heart - Free PC Game

The Black Heart is an indie horror fighting game action game for the PC developed by Andres Borghi using the M.U.G.E.N. two-dimensional fighting game engine. The game has many similarities with other fighting games such as Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat but the presentation in The Black Heart is quite unique. The setting is a dark gothic world where the king and creator of the world has been murdered and had his heart ripped out by an evil being simply known as Final. Players will take on the role of six different characters as they take part in one on one fights that become harder and harder as they progress. Their ultimate goal is to defeat final and secure the King's heart, The Black Heart.

The storyline in The Black Heart is spread over six chapters which are each played with a different character and should be played in a specific order if following the story mode of the game. The game's dark atmosphere is further enhanced by the considerable about of violence and gore, the game is definitely not for the faint of heart and players should expect plenty of blood splattering scenes when fatal and killer moves are executed.

Upon completing the story mode and defeating Final with all six characters, a sub-menu of options and game modes are unlocked for further gameplay. These game modes include versus, team story, team versus, team co-op, survival, team survival, survival co-op, and training.

The six characters are all unique with each having their own set of combat moves. Move types include normal moves which are moves available to every character; special moves which are unique moves for each character; super moves which are again unique moves that deal more damage; fatal moves is one unique attack for each character and killer moves which again are one unique move per character that can only be performed in special circumstances. The characters from The Black Heart are also available for inclusion in other M.U.G.E.N based fighting games. The playable characters include:

  • Hashi - A character from a race of woodmen. He has been banished by his people and seeks redemption by killing the Final.
  • Noroko - A ghost who has escaped from an ancient Japanese doll that she possessed.
  • Peketo - A child ghost who is obsessed with the color red who seeks out the King's Heart to claim as his own.
  • Animus - Animus had been trapped in an iron maiden for hundreds of years upon release seeks the Final.
  • Ananzi - The granddaughter of the King who with the permission of her father tries to take back The Black Heart from the Final.
  • Shar-Makai - The Shar Makai are a race of worm monsters who serve as soldiers for the King's son, the Prince. They are sent out to recover the Black Heart from the Final.

Each of the six chapters available are virtually the same with the exception of the character being played. However, the reasons behind their desire to take the Black Heart from the Final are different. The fights are similar in fashion to standard arcade style fighting games where each fight becomes harder and harder.

Freeware Status and Availability

The Black Heart was developed over seven years by Andres Borghi and was released in. It has received a number of positive reviews featuring all original graphics and soundtrack. The game has also been updated since it's initial release, the current version of the game is version 1.2.1 which was released in Feb 2014. The game is currently available for free download from Game Jolt.

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