The 18 Best Ever Grumpy Cat Memes

This list of Grumpy Cat memes is awful. You'll hate them all.

Photo of Grumpy Cat with close-up of her face
Grumpy Cat, the Most Famous Cat on Earth.

Hers was the face that launched a thousand memes (give or take a few hundred)… plus three hardback books, several comic books (also featuring her brother, Pokey), Little Golden Books, “nope” books, t-shirts, mugs, and even her own Lifetime Original Movie Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever. Of course, we’re talking about Tardar Sauce, a.k.a Grumpy Cat, the most famous cat on planet earth. The first photo of her was posted on Reddit on September 22, 2012 and total world domination soon followed.

P.S. Yes, she is a girl.

What do Grumpy Cat Memes Mean?

Everyone has days of feeling downright grouchy, or dare we say grumpy, where everything and everyone is annoying and the only emotion you can muster is just NO. Grumpy Cat memes capture those everything is awful moods we all have from time to time and express the grumpy thoughts that, if said out loud, would likely get us fired from our jobs, deserted by our friends, and locked out of the house by our family.

How are Grumpy Cat Memes Used?

Grumpy Cat memes are used for darn near every occasion where something or someone could cause a person to develop a case of the grumps. Another great use is to commiserate with a fellow human who is having an I hate everything moment. You can try to cheer them up with a Grumpy Cat meme, however, they really shine when used for sarcasm and a mutual dislike for, well, everything.

Examples of Grumpy Cat Memes:

Example #1:

Image: Grumpy Cat’s face

Text: Love is in the air? Get out the gas mask

Meaning: You don’t want to breathe love in the air when your mission in life is to hate everything. Put on appropriate protection (like a gas mask) to avoid breathing in the contamination of love.

Example #2:

Image: Grumpy Cat standing on black background looking up at you.

Text: You’re still here. How disappointing.

Meaning: Grumpy Cat thought you were gone and is disappointed to discover that you are still, in fact, present.

Example #3

Image: Grumpy Cat laying in the grass on her back.

Text: This grass, I’d like to bury you under it

Meaning: Grumpy Cat would like to bury you alive (or not-so-alive) under the grass she’s laying on.

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No Such Thing as a Good Year

Grumpy Cat hates 2018
Grumpy Cat Hates 2018 Already.

It’s no surprise Grumpy Cat hates 2018. She hated 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014…

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Hugs are Made of NO

Grumpy Cat questions free hugs.
Grumpy Cat does not do hugs.

No hugs here. What’s more huggable than Grumpy Cat? Apparently, a cactus.

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Breathing Can be Dangerous

Grumpy Cat requests a gas mask to avoid breathing love in the air
Love is an airborne toxin.

To protect yourself from breathing the terrible contagion of airborne love, please secure your own mask over your nose and mouth first, before assisting others.

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In Case of a Zombie Apocalypse...

Grumpy Cat reassures people that zombies eat brains
Grumpy Cat is sure you are safe from brain-eating zombies.

Zombies eat brains, therefore, those who lack a brain should be perfectly safe. Grumpy Cat surmises this will include most humans.

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Watch Where You Walk!

Grumpy Cat is outdoors and has stepped in something gross
Yuck. Don't step in this.

You could step in something disgusting, like happiness.

So gross!

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Grumpy Cat has Found the Perfect Location

Grumpy Cat laying in green grass she wants to bury you under
The perfect spot to bury you.

To bury the bodies of the humans who annoy her. Is there enough room for 7 billion of us or so?

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Grumpy Cat's Advice on Matters of the Heart

Grumpy Cat suggests if you can't be with the one you love, hate everybody
Grumpy Cat gives love advice.

Why bother with a broken heart when you can just hate everyone instead? If you've ever had your heart broken, this sounds like solid advice.

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Everyone Wants a Good Neighbor

Grumpy Cat sits on fence and tells neighbor to stay over there
Grumpy Cat prefers her neighbors distant, very distant.

And good neighbors stay on their own property and mind their own business. So, just stay over there. 

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Silence is Golden

Grumpy Cat dreams that one day you will shut up.
Grumpy Cat enjoys silence. Especially yours.

Grumpy Cat has a dream and it involves silence, your silence. That means stop talking. Yes, right now.

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Got allergies? Who cares?

Grumpy Cat is glad you are allergic to cats. She's allergic to you.
Grumpy Cat enjoys your allergies.

Who cares about your cat allergies? Grumpy Cat is allergic to idiots. Honestly, she’s probably just allergic to all humans… and smiles… and happiness. A-chooooo!

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Feeling sleepy? Maybe You Just Need a Nice Long Coma

Grumpy Cat suggests you'd be more comfortable in a coma.
A coma is similar to a really, really long nap.

Don’t bother with your normal old nap when a coma would be so much more comfortable… for Grumpy Cat.

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The Joys of Sibling Rivalry

Grumpy Cat hates brother, Pokey.
Grumpy hates Pokey.

Grumpy Cat doesn’t really hate you, Pokey. Probably. Maybe. Okay, she hates everyone so yes, she does hate you. Sorry. (Not sorry.)

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That's One Way to Avoid Disappointment

Steve Perry does not want Grumpy Cat to stop believing. She never started.
Grumpy Cat cannot stop what she did not start.

Don’t stop believing! Follow Grumpy Cat’s lead and don’t start in the first place. Problem and 1980s power ballad angst solved.

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Which Kind of Person Are You?

Grumpy Cat does not either kind of people in this world.
Grumpy Cat does not like you either way.

To Grumpy Cat, dislike is an equal opportunity proposition. If you’re going to hate one, might as well hate them all.

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Row Row Row Your Boat

Grumpy Cat suggests you row your boat off a cliff.
Grumpy Cat's lullabies have terrible endings.

Life is but a dream, unless you are one of Grumpy Cat’s enemies. And by enemies, we mean everyone.

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Is That You, Mrs. Fletcher?

Grumpy Cat answers where Mrs Fletcher would be without life alert.
Grumpy Cat answers Mrs. Fletcher's question.

When Grumpy Cat has a point, she has a good one. Where else would Mrs. Fletcher be after she’d fallen and couldn’t get up?

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Hey There! High-Five!

Grumpy Cat wants to high-five you in the face with a hammer.
A regular hammer or a sledgehammer?.

Ouch. That’s a mighty large dent you have in your cranium. Does it hurt (much)?

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You're Still Here? Go Away!

Grumpy Cat is disappointed you are still here.
Your presence disappoints Grumpy Cat.

No, really. This article is over now. No more Grumpy Cat memes for you! See that link down there? Yes, that one. Click on it and it will magically take you away… to another (not awful) Lifewire article.