Use These Tips To Make Your Podcast Even Better

Tips for Making Your Podcast Better Than You Thought

Podcasting Duo - Serious
Eliza Snow / Getty Images

Your podcast is what you make it. And if you want to make it better; if you want to improve it to attract more listeners; if you want a podcast that sounds good and makes you look even better then I offer the 10 Podcast Commandments. I made the list based on what I've learned over the years in radio, what I've learned from interviewing successful podcasters, and my gut feelings.

Ten. Use a decent microphone. If you're using a phone or the headset you took from your last telemarketing job, you're not creating a podcast - you're creating a long voice mail.

Nine. Edit yourself. Before and after you record. It's not how long you talk - it's what you say.

Eight. Demonstrate showmanship. Every podcast is a stage for you. You have an audience which makes you the performer.

Seven. Create a structure to your podcast, even if it's simple. At minimum: tell them what you're going to say, say it, and then tell them what you just said.

Six. Don't copy your favorite radio or podcast personality. Absorb good ideas but output your own style.

Five. Create and use a slogan for your podcast. It makes everything seem bigger. It may help you to focus on your content. The Vino Man Podcast - "The Wine Show for a Grape Happy Generation"

Four. After a guest takes time to appear on your podcast, send a thank you email.

Three. Use production elements (music, sound effects, etc.) when appropriate to enhance, but don't overdo it or you'll just distract.

Two. K.I.S.S. - Keep it Simple, Stupid. That goes for your equipment, software, and distribution. Don't spend $3,000 on a complete studio before you've even done your first podcast.

One. If you love what you do and you know what you're talking about, your followers will find you. But, just in case: it never hurts to send out a press release.