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Texting and messaging are great ways to communicate quickly with others. Discover all the tips and tricks you can use and how to troubleshoot problems.
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Line of people all using smartphones to text GIFs
How to Text a GIF on an iPhone or Android
Hand hovering over computer mouse
How to Block Someone on Discord
Someone talking in a group call on Signal using an iPhone X while standing outside on a balcony.
How to Use Signal Group Call Options
Discord promo image
How to Report Someone on Discord
A woman sitting at a kitchen table with a laptop in front of her. Her family is nearby also working
How To Delete Chat in Microsoft Teams
A man standing in front of a blue wall looking down at his phone and smiling
How To Set Up and Use the Signal Messaging App
The Signal app icon displayed on a mobile device.
Signal Messenger App: What It Is
A woman sitting outside smiling at her smartphone
How to Use the Signal App
A man wearing a white shirt and a pair of headphones chatting online in a Discord server on his laptop.
How To Find Discord Servers
Someone viewing an iMessage with Digital Touch effects on an iPhone.
How to Draw on iMessage With Digital Touch
How to Leave a Discord Server
Discord Logo
How to Delete a Discord Server
Birds-eye view of a woman's hands typing on a laptop with the Discord connection logo on the screen.
How to Fix Discord Connection Issues
Discord Logo
How to Fix When Discord Won't Install
Person text messaging.
How to Forward a Text on Android
A teen deals with the Discord failed to update error.
How to Fix It When a Discord Update Fails
A gamer prepares to Go Live with Discord.
How to Stream With Discord's 'Go Live' Option
A woman wearing purple jeans, t-shirt, and shoes typing on her laptop.
The Complete List of Twitch Commands
Discord won't open as a woman tries to use it for teleconferencing.
How to Fix It When Discord Won't Open
Setting up TTS on Discord.
How to Use Text to Speech on Discord
Setting up the Craig chatbot on Discord.
How to Record Discord Audio
Changing a Discord profile picture on a desktop.
How to Change a Discord Profile Picture
Discord app on a phone
How to Make a Discord Server
Turning on read receipts on Android.
How to Turn Read Receipts On or Off on iPhone & Android
Photo of a couple looking worried about what's on their phone
How to Stop Spam Texts
A woman sitting at a kitchen table looking at her laptop smiling
Is Discord Down... Or Is It Just You?
An overhead view of a person sitting at a desk with a laptop in front of them and various business papers
How to Format Slack Messages
An illustration depicting a text message that uses the term 'slide into ur dms.'
What Does 'Slide Into Your DMs Like…' Mean?
Illustration of several characters
What Does it Mean to 'Tag' Something or Someone?
Person checking text messages on smartphone
Tricks for Keeping Your Text Message Notifications Private
Slack Status page on a laptop
Is Slack Down, or Is It Just You?
A man sitting in the dark at a desk looking at a laptop
How to Use Slack Dark Mode for Desktop
Desktop and Mobile Chat Applications
How to Use Slack Strikethrough
A man using Slack with Giphy while lounging on a couch.
How to Use GIPHY in Slack
Slack displayed on the desktop of a PC sitting on a white desk.
How to Use Slack Channels
Image of a computer screen covered with sticky notes
How to Use Slack Reminders
An emoji poll in Slack
How to Create a Slack Poll Using Emoji Responses
A woman participating in a video conference on her computer
How to Add a Custom Background to Microsoft Teams
Windows 10 laptop on a yellow and purple surface with a locked lock.
How to Disable Microsoft Teams Auto-Start on Windows 10
A laptop on a table displaying the Uninstall option on Windows.
How to Uninstall Microsoft Teams in Windows 10
Third party app integrations in Microsoft Teams
How to Use Microsoft Teams
An illustration of Microsoft Teams versus Slack
Microsoft Teams vs Slack: Which One Is Best for You?
Multiple people holding phones out at arms length - stock photoMultiple people holding phones out at arms length.
What is USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data)?
Illustration of Slack vs Discord
Slack vs Discord: Which One Is Best for You?
A mockup of Slack running on a phone and a computer
The 4 Best Slack Security Tips to Keep Your Team Chats Safe
Setting up Slack to use for work.
How to Use Slack for Work
A person frustrated with their phone
How to Fix It When You're Not Receiving Texts on Android
texting emojis
Amazing Facts You Didn't Know About Emoji
Woman receiving group texts at inconvenient times, like during yoga class, at work, and in bed
How to Leave a Group Text on Android or iOS
Illustration of a young man frantically deleting texts from his iPhone
How to Delete Text Messages on iPhone
Person shutting off Messages in Siri & Search
How to Permanently Delete Text Messages on iPhone
Yahoo logo
Yahoo! Messenger: What Was It & Why Did It Shut Down?
Six hands holding mobile phones in a circle
The Best Group Text Messaging Tools
Fingers typing on a keyboard with red backglow
How to Copy & Paste Without a Mouse
Man's hands on smartphone with illustration of the globe coming out of the screen
SIP Service Providers That Offer Free SIP Accounts
Launching Viber on iPhone 5s.
How to Add Contacts to Viber
Screenshots of YouMail app.
Best Visual Voicemail Apps of 2023
Audacity logo
Recording Calls on Your Computer Using Audacity
An illustration showing a person using a bitmoji
What Exactly Is Bitmoji?

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