How to Change Text Size in Outlook and Windows Mail

Is the program not letting you change the text size?

You should be able to change the size of the text you type within emails in Outlook and Windows Mail. However, this doesn't always work.

For example, maybe you chose a different font size from the drop-down menu but then it immediately jumped back to 10 pt.

One reason you can't change the text size in Windows Mail or Outlook is if certain Internet Explorer settings are turned on, specifically some accessibility options. Fortunately, you can easily turn those settings off to regain control over the text size in these email clients.

How to Fix Windows Mail or Outlook Express Not Letting You Change the Text Size

  1. Close the email program if it's currently running.

  2. Open Control Panel
    . The easiest way there in newer versions of Windows is from the Power User Menu (WIN+X), or the Start menu in older Windows versions.

  3. Search for internet options in Control Panel.

  4. Select the link called Internet Options from the list. If you're having troubles finding it, another way to get there is to open the Run dialog box (press the Windows key and the R key together) and enter the inetcpl.cpl command.

  5. From the General tab of Internet Properties, click or tap the Accessibility button at the bottom.

  6. Make sure there is not a check in the box next to Ignore colors specified on web pages, Ignore font styles specified on web pages, and Ignore font sizes specified on web pages.

  7. Click/tap the OK button to close out of the "Accessibility" window.

  8. Hit OK once more to exit the "Internet Properties" window.

If you don't notice a change, you might need to restart your computer.