How to Use Text Formatting and Images in Mac OS X Mail Signatures

Create a better signature in OS X Mail

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Different signatures for different accounts and even random signatures per account—all accomplished easily in Mac OS X Mail—are nice. But what about custom fonts, colors, formatting, and maybe images?

Fortunately, black Helvetica is not all the formatting Mac OS X Mail can muster.

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Use Text Formatting and Images in Mac OS X Mail Signatures

To add colors, text formatting and images to a signature in Mac OS X Mail:

  1. Select Mail | Preferences from the menu.

  2. Go to the Signatures tab.

  3. Highlight the signature you want to edit.

  4. Now highlight the text you want to format.

    • To assign a font, select Format | Show Fonts from the menu and select the desired font.
    • To assign a color, select ​Format | Show Colors from the menu and click the desired color.
    • To make text bold, italic or underlined, select Format | Style from the menu, followed by the desired font style.
    • To include an image with your signature, use Spotlight or Finder to locate the desired image, then drag and drop it to the desired location in the signature.
  5. Go to the Composing tab in the preferences window.

  6. Make sure Rich Text is selected under Message Format: for formatting to be applied to signatures. With Plain Text enabled you will get a plain text version of your signature.

For more advanced formatting, compose the signature in an HTML editor and save it as a web page. Open the page in Safari, highlight all and copy. Finally, paste into a new signature in Mail. This will not include images, which you can add using the above method.