TestMy.net Review

A Review of TestMy.net, a Bandwith Testing Service

TestMy.net is an internet speed test website that's been offering free bandwidth testing for over 20 years!

The website isn't hard to use, works in all web browsers without the need for plugins, and offers stats about your bandwidth that you may not find in similar sites.

The results of the speed tests are displayed in a clear and easy to understand manner, making it simple to compare your results with other users of your ISP, people in your city, and other testers in your country.

TestMy.net speed test results
What We Like
  • Uses HTML5 for more reliable testing.

  • Not affiliated with an ISP.

  • Results are easy to read and understand.

  • Historical results can be saved to your online user account.

What We Don't Like
  • Not nearly as graphically appealing as similar sites.

More About TestMy.net

  • TestMy.net gathers the results of everyone's speed tests at their database page which you can use this to see the users, ISPs, cities, and countries with the fastest speeds, as well as tests that were most recently performed
  • You can run an upload or download test only, or combine the two with the Automatic Speed Test
  • Servers used by TestMy.net are located in North America, Asia, Australia, and Europe; you can set any of the servers as your default one, or use some or all of them with the Multithread Speed Test
  • The sample size of the file used to test the download and upload bandwidth can be set to a custom size, up to 200 MB and 100 MB, respectively
  • Results can be saved in text form, to your computer as a PNG image file, accessed via a unique URL, and exported to a CSV file

Thoughts on TestMy.net

TestMy.net makes it very clear that they aren't associated with any particular service provider. A speed test provided by an ISP could be providing intentionally altered results, reflecting the bandwidth speed you think you're paying for. This definitely is not true for all ISP speed tests, but it's possible that something like that could happen.

After we ran our own test, we were able to see at what percentage faster or slower our bandwidth was than the average user of our service provider, as well as the average user in our country.

All the statistics provided by TestMy.net are 100% human-readable, meaning you don't need to compare charts and graphs to understand how your speeds rank.

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