Test Your HTML Knowledge With These Quizzes

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If you are looking for a job in HTML or web design, you may be asked to take a test proving you can do what you say. That can be a bit nerve-wracking even for experienced HTML coders. To prepare, take a few free online practice tests ahead of time. Most of the free practice tests cover basic ​HTML, but even if you are an intermediate coder, you may pick up a fact or two you'd forgotten. If you want a more rigorous course in HTML, online courses and certifications are available online for a fee.

Tip: Just about every quiz asks what HTML stands for. You do know, don't you? 


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The W3Schools.com website offers its HTML Quiz with 40 basic HTML questions. Although a timer runs under the question screens, there is no time limit for taking the test. The questions are presented in a multiple-choice format with one question to a screen and three or more answers to choose from. In some cases, more than one answer is correct. ​

Don't freak out if you don't do well on the quiz. The website has a comprehensive HTML5 tutorial and exercises that you can use to up your skill level quickly.

W3Schools.com also hosts quizzes for CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, and other programming languages.

These coding quizzes are free, but if you want to be certified in the HTML language, you need to complete a course of study online, take an exam that consists of 70 multiple-choice or true/false questions, and pay a fee of about $100.

ProProfs Quiz Maker

The HTML Basics Quiz at ProProfs Quiz maker is aimed at students who are just learning to create their first website. The quiz consists of 15 multiple-choice questions. You are informed immediately after each question whether your answer is correct or incorrect. 

ProProfs also hosts an HTML Exam 1, HTML & CSS Quiz, HTML Pre-assessment, and HTML Post-assessment. All the quizzes are short and in multiple-choice format.


The EchoEcho.com website has 11 quizzes on HTML topics. Each quiz consists of either 10 or 20 multiple-choice questions. The quizzes focus on basics, text, lists, images, backgrounds, tables, forms, meta tags, and hex colors. 

After Hours Programming

The Standard HTML Quiz at After Hours Programming consists of 25 multiple-choice questions. It is designed to test your understanding of markup elements and attributes. 

In addition to the quiz, the website contains informational pages and examples of the most commonly used tags and an area to test your code with a code simulator.


The HTML Quiz at EasyLMS is designed to test basic HTML knowledge. If you take the test several times, you'll see some of the same questions that you saw previously—ones you answered correctly and incorrectly. Your score is recorded on a leaderboard where you can judge improvement as you retake the test. The test is free, but you have to register for an account to take it.


The HTML Quiz at Landofcode.com has 26 questions aimed at beginning coders. You can check your answer immediately after you make it before advancing to the next screen and if you answered incorrectly, the quiz explains where you went wrong. This multiple-choice quiz covers just the basics.