Test and Adjust Your PC Audio System

Set up your compute's speaker system and sound card to work perfectly

There's more to having a perfect PC sound system than simply buying the latest 5.1 surround sound audio system or most sophisticated sound card. You must maintain that audio system and set it up correctly. When you set it up, make sure the speakers are placed and adjusted correctly, the volume for each satellite speaker is appropriate for where it sits, and the bass and treble are in line and in concert with each other. You'll also need to choose the appropriate settings for each type of media you're hoping to experience, including music, movies, video games, and anything else you do.

These tips apply to Windows 10 computers.

Analog vs. Digital Audio
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Special Software to Test and Adjust Your PC Audio

The most effective tools for ordinary audio calibration are simple software programs:

More complex tools include spectrum analyzers and sensitive mics that capture a series of tones then process those tones for interference and quality. However, these tools usually cost thousands of dollars and are used by audio engineers aiming for studio-quality recording or large-space audio reproduction.

Simple Volume Calibration

To get a better sense of the decibel rating of your speakers at various settings, when those settings express as a percent of maximum loudness rather than a specific decibel rating, consider downloading a decibel meter to your smartphone. Stand 6 feet away from the speakers, set the speakers at a specific volume, generate a constant tone, and check the meter for the amount of increase above the baseline.

This approach isn't perfect, but for most home applications, it's an easy and adequate substitute for professional-grade calibration.

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