Temple Run 2 Tips and Powerups

Unlock characters quicker and beat your friends' scores

Temple Run 2 screenshot

Temple Run 2 contains the same addictive gameplay as the original with a few neat additions thrown in to keep it fresh. The first big difference you will notice are the enhanced visuals that give a much better 3D feel to the game, and as you sprint away from the temple, you will be taken into entirely new environments like a mine shaft, which presents its own challenge.

Temple Run 2 Tips and Tricks

  • Your primary goal is to stay alive, so while collecting coins is great, sometimes it can be fatal. When you've run far enough that the game becomes really difficult, stop concentrating as much on collecting coins and go for distance. The one exception: green gems. These special gems can be used to do things like resurrecting your character upon death, so they are worth a little risk.
  • Keep your eyes on what is coming next. At first, it is easy to navigate the game, but as you progress, obstacles come quicker, so stay one step ahead by keeping an eye on what obstacle is coming after the one you are currently navigating. This will help when you need to do a quick slide-then-turn.
  • The Most Important Temple Run 2 Tip: You can turn while jumping or sliding. This is important because some special powerups are located close to an intersection, so a jump-and-turn maneuver can save your life.
  • The minecart requires you to tilt left and right to choose your path at intersections and duck under obstacles. The dangerous part of the minecart is tilting one way to pick up coins and the need to tilt the opposite direction when presented with a possible dead end. A good tip is to stop collecting coins once you see an intersection coming up.
  • When choosing abilities, start with Coin Value. The more coin you collect, the quicker you can unlock new abilities and characters, so it can be good to get to level 3 in Coin Value before buying other abilities.
  • Don't forget about special powerups. Each character gets their own powerup they can use, and once unlocked, you can switch them between characters. The first powerup is shield, but additional ones include a coin bonus, a boost, and a score bonus.
  • Pay attention to objectives. A nice new feature of the game are objectives, which will give your character a goal and help you level up. With more levels come better multipliers, which ultimately lead to better scores. So pay attention to your objectives. Some of them are as easy as using a green gem to resurrect yourself.

Temple Run 2 Characters and Powerups

You start Temple Run 2 with Guy Dangerous and can unlock additional characters in the upgrades menu. One key difference between the original and Temple Run 2 is that characters get a special powerup, which makes unlocking them more important. Once unlocked, this powerup can be used with any character, so you aren't locked into using Guy Dangerous if you want to use the Shield powerup.

  • Guy Dangerous. Special Power: Shield, which helps protect from obstacles.
  • Scarlett Fox. Special Power: Boost, which boosts you forward.
  • Barry Bones. Special Power: Coin Bonus, an instant 50 coin bonus.
  • Karma Lee. Special Power: Score Bonus, an instant 500 point bonus.

Original Temple Run Tips

Tired of being eaten by monkeys? Temple Run is a quick-to-play and tough-to-master game that takes a while to get used to before you'll be topping the leaderboards, but with these tips, you can at least have a leg up beating the high scores of your friends.

  • Coins aren't worth it if they get you killed. As you run further, the temple run gets more difficult. This is a good time to stop worrying about coins and keep focusing on the upcoming obstacles. The coins will come on their own.
  • The Coin Magnet, Double Value, and Mega Coin powerups are great choices to unlock right away. These powerups will help you gain coins quicker, which means you'll be able to unlock the other powerups quicker.
  • Remember that the Resurrect powerup must be used before you die. It won't do you much good after you are dead.
  • Many obstacles designed to be slid under can be jumped over as well, such as the fire obstacle. It's easier to see what is coming next when you are jumping, so learn which obstacles you can go over and which ones require you to only go under.
  • Learn to recognize patterns. At first, the obstacles are rather easy, but as you progress, they come at you quicker. You should keep your eyes on the next obstacle and be prepared to jump after a slide, turn after a jump, etc.
  • Going too fast? You can intentionally trip by running over a tree root or bumping into a wall to slow down, but be careful, if you do it twice in a short amount of time the monkeys will catch you.
  • There are no differences between the characters in Temple Run, so it is better to unlock other powerups and utilities first.
  • The Temple Run Tip You Should Never Forget: You can turn while jumping or sliding. This can save you if you accidentally pull the trigger on a jump right before a turn.

Original Temple Run Powerups and Utilities

You can purchase power-ups and utilities in the store in between games. It's a good idea to look over the choices after you've gathered up a good pile of coins.

Mega Coin

  • Level 1 - Mega Coin worth 50 coins
  • Level 2 - Mega Coin worth 75 coins
  • Level 3 - Mega Coin worth 100 coins
  • Level 4 - Mega Coin worth 125 coins
  • Level 5 - Mega Coin worth 150 coins

Coin Magnet

  • Level 1 - The magnet attracts coins, making them easier to collect.
  • Level 2 - Increases duration
  • Level 3 - Double coin value
  • Level 4 - Increases duration to 500m
  • Level 5 - Triple coin value


  • Level 1 - Invisibility lets you pass through obstacles and bridge gaps.
  • Level 2 - Increases duration
  • Level 3 - Increases duration
  • Level 4 - Increases duration
  • Level 5 - Increases duration


  • Level 1 - Boosts you forward for 250m allowing you to ignore obstacles
  • Level 2 - Boosts for 375m
  • Level 3 - Boosts for 500m
  • Level 4 - Boosts for 625m
  • Level 5 - Boosts for 750m

Coin Values

  • Level 1 - Double coins after 1500m
  • Level 2 - Double coins after 1000m
  • Level 3 - Triple coins after 3000m
  • Level 4 - Triple coins after 2500m
  • Level 5 - Triple coins after 2000m


  • 500 coins: Resurrect immediately after death
  • 2500 coins: Boost ahead 1000m at the start of the game
  • 10,000 coins: Mega Boost ahead 2500m at the start of the game