How to Use Templates Folder in Thunderbird or Netscape

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You certainly have spotted the Templates folder in Mozilla Thunderbird, Netscape Mail, and Mozilla Mail. It is supposed to be for message templates, but there seems to be nothing special about messages in this folder, and when you create a new message there's no way to make use of the mails in the Templates folder.

Still, you can make use of your message templates, you just cannot apply them to a new message you're already composing.

How to Use the 'Templates' Folder in Mozilla Thunderbird or Netscape

To create a new message in Mozilla Thunderbird or Netscape from a template in the Templates folder:

  1. Open the Templates folder.
  2. Double-click on the template message you want to use.
    1. Alternatively, select Edit as New... from the message's context menu.

The Copy in the Templates Folder Is Not Affected

This creates a new message that looks exactly like the saved message in the Templates folder, but it is actually a copy of that message. You can edit the new message as you like, save it as a draft, send it, you can even save it as a new template. The original message in the Templates folder is not affected by any of these actions.