Telly Offers Free Dual-Screen TV, if You Can Stomach 24/7 Ads

There are over 500,000 Telly-branded displays available

A startup launched by Pluto TV executives called Telly is giving away dual-screen televisions, with an ad-based catch. 

The Telly 55-inch 4K TVs boast a unique design with a secondary screen located directly below the main panel. This screen has some nifty uses, like rattling through sports scores and stock prices, but the primary use is to display ads. That's right. This "free" television shows advertisements at all times. 

Telly TV


If you can handle a steady stream of personalized ads, you also get some nifty features. The Telly TV features an integrated five-driver soundbar separating the screens, video calling capabilities on the main display, and plenty of built-in video games from "arcade classics to immersive multiplayer experiences." 

The set has its own camera, sensors, and microphone array, allowing for a proprietary voice assistant (also named Telly) and seamless integration with in-house fitness programs that leverage the sensors for motion tracking. On the back, you'll find three HDMI ports for connecting external media devices like gaming consoles. 

There is just one size and configuration available, so those with specific space requirements may be out of luck. The company has not announced if it has put any safeguards in place to ensure people watch ads. In other words, we aren't sure if you can cover up that secondary screen or if the built-in cameras will catch wind of the subterfuge. 

Telly says it will have 500,000 TVs available for consumers at launch, and reservations are open now. The sets won't ship, however, until later in the summer. 

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