Telltale Games' Minecraft: Story Mode Review

Is Minecraft's new official spin-off worth checking out?

Until now, Minecraft has had absolutely no story. Minecraft has always been a game about creating your own story and having your own adventure in your world. Ninety-nine percent of the time, no two adventures between two different people feel the same. Telltale Games does this well, which makes it a great game for two people, even though it's not strictly a co-op game.


Minecraft Story Mode 1

Our heroes (Jesse, Axel, Olivia and Reuben the Pig) find themselves heading to Endercon. In this adventure, you play Jesse.  As various things lead to another, problems arise. Throughout your adventure you make new friends and tough decisions. These decisions can influence even the smallest of details, for example, somebody getting a black eye for the rest of the game. During your adventure you meet Lucas, a member of a rival team who you quickly befriend. Upon meeting Lucas you also meet Petra, the mysterious person doing jobs too dangerous for others.

When attending the convention, things go in an unexpected direction. An evil force is released upon the world and you alongside your friends must seek out the Order of the Stone (a team of four who have previously protected the world) to stop it. The Order of the Stone consist of Gabriel the Warrior, Magnus the Griefer, Ellegaard the Redstone Engineer, and Soren the Architect. With many twists and turns along the way, many things are revealed while some seem to get pulled back into the darkness, waiting to be understood.


Minecraft Story Mode 2

While playing through the game you are given many choices. While these choices may or may not impact the game majorly, they certain feel like they do. Depending on your style of gameplay and the choices you make, you will see that Jesse is either more calm in certain situations, more aggressive or somewhere in the middle. While these decisions ultimately do not impact the game in it’s entirety in terms of storyline, it definitely impacts your view on your character. Implementing these specific types of choices allows for character growth and an enriched experience.

The gameplay is fairly straightforward. A fixed perspective is placed on the scene, allowing you to walk back and forth through various situations, whether it be a town, the woods, or a room. The camera ultimately stays in one place while following the character to an extent. You can’t shift the view of the camera much as you use a cursor in it’s place. The cursor acts as a ‘selection tool’, allowing you to interact with the environment upon hovering over the icons displaying your options.

There are also the areas of the game with various quick time events that are more than forgiving whether it be dodging objects or fighting Creepers. Failing certain quick time events at times will kill the player, or place the player on a new path.

The game plays very smoothly and definitely shows more positives than it shows negatives. There are very few points in gameplay that take you out of the experience and make you realize that you’re not playing actual Minecraft. Using what is given to you, you shape your experience with the game and solve small puzzles in order to progress. While most of it is handed to you, it doesn’t feel like a bad thing. It feels like an interactive movie with you not only being the director, but the actor at the same time.

In Conclusion!

Minecraft Story Mode 3

This is definitely not your average mining and crafting type of Minecraft game. This game shows many new possibilities for our beloved franchise and solidifies Minecraft’s place in gaming. While this game is entirely different from our normal Minecraft experience, Telltale Games and Mojang definitely know how to produce some Diamonds when it comes to Minecraft content!