Telltale Games' Minecraft: Story Mode: Episode 5 Review!

Let's talk about why Minecraft: Story Mode's Episode 5 is so awesome!


Minecraft: Story Mode: Episode 5: “Order Up!”

Telltale Games’ episodic series, Minecraft: Story Mode, continues in a very unexpected fashion in Episode 5 of our heroes’ journey. With the Witherstorm defeated and everything as it should be in the world of Minecraftia, our heroes are out adventuring while collecting various treasures and attempting to solve problems for the good of the people. We quickly find that trouble soon catches up with our heroes once they’ve located a mysterious artifact in the form of a (what seems to be Enchanted) Flint and Steel.


Following the same ideas and traits as earlier episode’s of the video game, Minecraft: Story Mode’s Episode 5 keeps gameplay (once again, as to be expected) nearly the exact same. In this episodic series, players must interact with the environment in predetermined ways by the game. While you are given the option to do things in your own way, most of the time spent playing is based around figuring out what the game is allowing you to do via pop-ups on screen. These ideas and concepts are very familiar within the Minecraft: Story Mode’s previous episodes. When interacting with NPCs (non-player characters) or reaching a point in the game where you are given a decision to make, prompts will fill the screen with up to four options, giving you the ability to pick and choose what you are wanting to do. These options may include phrases, crafting something, or choosing a path to follow.

While playing the video game, it seemed as if there were noticeably more interactive quick time events, however. For those of who are not aware of what a “quick time event” is, a quick time event is a moment in which the video game displays an action for the player to follow and do. If a player fails to complete said event, consequences typically happen. The addition of quick time events added a wonderful feeling of suspense when in the face of a problem, which is definitely a plus in terms of creating interaction between the player and video game.


While on an adventure in a jungle, Jesse and the others locate a temple with details that were given to them by Ivor. Upon entering the temple, the gang must make their way through various traps in order to get to the loot in which they seek. Without being told much on what they’d be expecting, our heroes are shocked nonetheless. With quick thinking and reflexes, Jesse and the others make their way out of the temple with the treasure that they were in search of. As mentioned, the artifact in which they located was a Flint and Steel that appeared to be Enchanted. This Enchantment was not normal, however.

After noticing their find was indeed more different than normal, The Blaze Rods (formerly The Ocelots) had located our heroes and began to harass them. These troubles are soon resolved, and Jesse’s band of heroes run to Ivor. After telling of their news, Jesse, Lukas, Petra, and Ivor all head back to the temple to do a few quick checks for any information involving what Ivor calls an “Eversource”. Instead of locating the Eversource itself, Jesse locates a portal to a new location. Using the Flint and Steel to light the portal, The Blaze Rods start a fight with our heroes and enter the portal at the first chance given to them (all the while, stealing Jesse’s Flint and Steel).

From this point forward, Jesse, Lukas, Petra, and Ivor all run into the portal, to find themselves immediately thrown onto an island similar to Skyblock. Within their view, a floating island known as Sky City is seen. Using the dirt to build their way to Sky City, our heroes reach the island. After reaching land, a passerby immediately runs away after being confronted by Jesse, giving the reason that Jesse and his friends have broken the law about building. Our heroes have no other choice but to enter the city and hope to find The Blaze Rods before they end up finding the Eversource and using it for the wrong reasons.

After speaking to many citizens of the city, you soon find out that the Eversource is located within the castle located next to Isa, The Founder. Having to act quickly after being confronted and called out in the city as a town meeting is held about their crimes, our heroes must think fast and go with their guts. Do they run away with a man who is attempting to help them, or do they stay with their friend that has just turned himself in?

To refrain from spoiling the rest of the episode and allowing you to have some fun for yourself, the explanation of the story ends here.

In Conclusion

Telltale Games has continued to prove that they can produce the highest of quality video games and stories with such a limited selection of content to work with (in terms of characters, direction, and things of that nature). Minecraft: Story Mode is a very refreshing addition to the arsenal of video games that the publishers have to offer. If you're looking to further the story of our beloved heroes, you will definitely enjoy this chapter within the series. With two more episodes already announced, we can only guess what awaits.

Both Mojang and Telltale Games have once again delivered a beautifully crafted episode that brings the story introduced in previous chapters even farther. Minecraft: Story Mode: Episode 5 “Order Up!” will gain your attention and love within the first few minutes of playing. If you’re hesitating to play this chapter, hesitate no more. This video game is worth the experience and should definitely be considered as a next purchase. Minecraft: Story Mode can be both bought and played on PC, Mac, PS3, PS4, XBOX ONE, XBOX 360, Steam, the Apple App Store, and Google Play. If you'd like to buy the game, Minecraft: Story Mode can be purchased from its website for all of the available platforms.