Telltale Games Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 2 Review

Tell Games returns with their second installment of Minecraft Story Mode!


Telltale Games has further expanded on their blocky, episodic adventure game Minecraft: Story Mode with a brand new episode, “Assembly Required”. With evil lurking closer and closer behind our heroes, they must act quickly. In this review I will only list what happens up until the end of your travels in each of Magnus’ and Ellegaard’s respective towns to save the heaps of fun for yourselves.

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Minecraft Story Mode Screen

The gameplay featured is essentially exactly the same in comparison to the first chapter, as would be expected. It keeps the straightforward quality of the first episode and allows for the player to feel in control of the situation, when in reality they’re merely quick time events or conversational sections with optional dialogue. These options to fail, succeed, speak their mind or stay silent give a feeling of “what if I would have done this” in the player and teaches the player to stick with their gut and continue their trek with whatever boulder they may be carrying on their virtual shoulders.

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Minecraft Story Mode - " Redstonia"
Travel to unique places in Minecraft Story mode!.

After reaching The Temple of the Order of the Stone and deciding which member to go and find between Magnus the Griefer (represented by Axel) or Ellegaard the Redstone Engineer (represented by Olivia), your adventure starts in the Nether. You and the friend you agreed with on who to go and get will set out on a journey to find their respective person they represent. Travelling via Minecart to a Nether Portal, you will either be brought to Boom Town (Magnus) or Redstonia (Ellegaard) after your perilous rollercoaster ride through the Nether. Each town has their own respective adventures and their own type of characters to interact with, making both experiences humorous, full of excitement and much more.

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Finding Magnus

Minecraft Story Mode - 3

When going into Boom Town, you will find many griefers about, attempting to take the amulet that was given to you by Gabriel after using it to locate Magnus. The griefers in Boom Town take the amulet, sending you on a wild goose chase until you retrieve what is rightfully yours. After getting your amulet back, Jesse, Axel and Rueben head to Magnus’ spire. After getting inside, our heroes fall right where Magnus wants them and they quickly tell him why they are there. After persuasion, Magnus says that he will go back to The Temple of the Order of the Stone, but not until a worthy challenger beats him and takes his place as king of Boom Town. Jesse challenges Magnus and after a fierce battle between the two, Jesse is crowned champion. After beating Magnus, the Witherstorm appears and chases the group out Boom Town back to the Temple of the Order of the Stone.

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Finding Ellegaard

Minecraft Story Mode - Finding Ellegaard

If the player decides going into Redstonia is the right choice in search of Ellegaard, they are given a less violent approach and aren’t exactly being chased throughout the city. Upon arrival in the city, Ellegaard is giving a speech on how she will be entering her “Dome of Concentration” and will be locking herself away from the outside world to finish work on her creation, the Command Block. Our heroes are locked outside of the Dome of Concentration and need to find a way in. Calvin (Ellegaard’s helper), removes a Redstone Repeater, disrupting the connection to the Levers needed to be activated in order to get into the dome, thus making our heroes attempt to find a way inside.

After obtaining a Redstone Repeater, Jesse activates the the connection between the Levers and Redstone, finding a way into the dome. After going through various Redstone contraptions, Jesse, Olivia and Rueben find Ellegaard working on the Command Block. Jesse can either help her create a Command Block to help destroy the Witherstorm or tell her absolutely not, that it is a bad idea because a Command Block is what started the entire mess. Regardless of the choice, Ellegaard will come back with you to Temple of the Order of the stone after being chased out of Redstonia by the Witherstorm.

In Conclusion

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 2: Assembly Required brings the story to a whole new level, introducing many new characters, while offering much more insight into who and what you’re up against. With the very quick release of a second episode in the series, many people were very sceptical about the quality of the content before playing it. I can assure from the experiences I had with the second episode that it definitely holds up in terms of quality with the first, if not surpassing it.