Telegram's New Update Lets You Connect to Streaming Apps

Other additions include changes to the UI and a download manager

Telegram Messenger's new update for its iOS and Android apps brings new features and changes to the user interface.

The app update includes a new Download Manager that can send any type of file under 2GB, support for live streaming apps on Mac computers, and a new Attachment menu. The Android app will catch up to the iOS version as it receives semi-transparent menus while in Night Mode.

Telegram's new download manager feature


In addition to the new 2GB limit, the download manager gives users unlimited cloud storage and a new method of controlling their downloaded files. From the Downloads tab, you'll be able to dictate which file gets priority and the ability to view files in a chat with others.

Meanwhile, Telegram Groups and Channels will now allow you to connect to streaming apps on your desktop, like OBS Studio and XSplit, with the ability to add overlays and change the screen layout. There will also be a new 'Start With' button in Video Chats that lets you sign in to your streaming app.

Telegram promises low latency and high-quality streams, but looking at the announcement video, the new feature appears to be only for iOS and macOS with no solid indication of PC or Android support.

Telegram semi transparent


The aforementioned semi-transparent menus coming to Android are simply a way to better see backgrounds and other types of media while you scroll, a feature that's been on iOS since 2021.

Some less impactful changes include a new Attachment Menu that allows you to readjust multiple pictures before sending them and new animations for the LogIn menu. The update is rolling now, so keep an eye on your Telegram app for any changes.

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