Tekken 5 Cheats, Codes, and Unlockables for PS2

Unlock all characters, movies, and mini-games for the PS2

Tekken 5 screenshot


In addition to secret characters to unlock, Tekken 5 has cheats codes that you can exploit to quickly improve your ranks and earn easy gold. There are even cheats for the mini-games and hidden story scenes that you can only see by losing in battle.

These cheats are exclusively for the PlayStation 2 version of Tekken 5.

How to Unlock All Characters in Tekken 5

Unlock all secret characters by beating each mode multiple times.

Character How to Unlock
Anna Williams Beat Story mode two times.
Baek Beat Story mode three times.
Bruce Irvin Beat Story mode 4 times.
Devil Jin Complete the Devil Within mini-game.
Kuma Beat Story, Battle, or Time Attack mode 5 times. 
Ganryu Beat Story, Battle, or Time Attack mode 6 times.
Mokujin Beat Story, Battle, or Time Attack mode 7 times.
Heihachi Beat Story, Battle, or Time Attack mode 8 times.
Roger Jr. Beat Story mode with Kazuya.

Unlock Random Character

When you unlock Heihachi, you also unlock the random option on the character select screen.

Unlock Schoolgirl Ling

Press the L1 button as you select Ling to unlock a secret costume for her.

Alternate Mokujin Sounds

To hear different hit sound effects for Mokujin, select him as your character, and then hold down on the D-Pad or joystick before a match begins. Mokujin will sound like a block of wood when damaged.

How to Gain Ranks Quickly

Play against opponents of the same rank as you to gain ranks quickly. When fighting AI opponents, it requires three to five wins to get a promotion. You can't always select opponents with the same rank, but do so when possible.

Earn Easy Money

There are several ways to win gold in Tekken 5:

  • Defeat higher-ranked CPU opponents in Arcade mode for 800-4000 G per fight.
  • Complete Story mode with everyone to earn 100,000 G per character.
  • Complete the Devil Within mini-game for an extra 100,000 G.

Arcade History DIP Switches

At the Press Start screen on any of the Arcade History games, hold select to open a menu, then change the number of rounds, unlock hidden characters, and more.

Frog Angel Easter Egg

Look at the ground in the Secret Garden stage to find a frog hopping around. If you or your opponent lands on the frog after an attack, the frog is crushed, and its angel floats toward the sky.

How to Get Expensive Items For Free

After beating the Devil Within mini-game, play it again to find expensive items scattered throughout the levels.

How to Activate Theater Mode

Beat Story mode with any character to view in-game movies and listen to the soundtrack. More content becomes available as you complete Story mode with each character.

Hidden Story Mode Interludes

If you lose a fight during an interlude in Story mode, you will not get game over. Instead, you'll see an alternate scene that slightly changes the story. To see everything in the game, allow yourself to be defeated during interlude battles.

Unlock Jinpachi's Movie

The only way to unlock Jinpachi's movie in Theater mode is to lose against him in Story Battle mode.

Stage Select for Devil Within

Complete Devil Within to unlock the stage select option for the mini-game.

How to Unlock Star Blade in Arcade History

To unlock Star Blade in the arcade, collect a hidden item in the Devil Within game.

  1. At the beginning of stage 4-2 of Devil Within, stand in front of the breakable wall underneath the high ledge.

  2. Become Devil Jin and press L1 + Square to break the wall.

  3. Jump over the rubble, then follow the path to the next room.

  4. Collect the spaceship in the center of the room.

  5. Finish stage 4 to unlock Star Blade.