Technics' New Earbuds Boast Larger Drivers for Improved Audio Quality

They also have Bluetooth multipoint and active noise cancellation

Technics just announced a pair of new high-end earbuds to suit audiophiles and those just looking to have a crystal clear phone conversation on the go.

The flagship EAH-AZ80 buds are advertised as having the company’s “greatest sound quality ever.” This is due to new 10mm, free-edge aluminum diaphragms, and a larger-than-ever audio driver. These components combine to deliver extended high and low-frequency responses, all while cutting out unwanted resonance and distortion. 

Technics AZ80 Earbuds

The junior model, EAH-AZ60M2, features a slight downtick in audio performance; otherwise, the specs are nearly identical. Both pairs of earbuds feature a unique "acoustic box design" to optimize airflow and create natural-sounding vocals and better bass. Both products also feature Bluetooth multipoint connectivity, with up to three points, and LDAC for hi-res audio streaming. 

Additionally, both new models ship with active noise cancellation and a new ambient sound mode called JustMyVoice. This proprietary technology helps eliminate unwanted ambient noise during phone calls on the user's end, so you send only a clear stream of your voice. The company says this tech should allow for decent conversations even in loud areas like coffee shops. 

These are also wireless earbuds, obviously, with batteries that last around 25 hours per charge, though this metric assumes several trips to the charging cradle aka storage case. Both units do boast Qi support, however, for wireless charging. 

These devices are available to order right now directly from Technics or via Amazon. The EAH-AZ60M2 earbuds cost $250 and the AZ80 earbuds cost $300. 

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