Tech-Adaptika is Launching a VR Summer School With Avatars

The first VR school to utilize avatars in North America

Voilà Learning and Tech-Adaptika have announced the launch of the first avatar-based virtual reality summer school in North America.

The news dropped Friday, with Tech-Adaptika revealing that the upcoming summer school would offer classes for students in grades one through 12, including courses in English, French, and math. The school is being launched in collaboration with Voilà Learning and is part of the two companies’ push to give students more options following a year of partial or full school closures.

Girl with a VR headset on

Giu Vicente / Unsplash

“We want to help bridge the learning gap for Canadian and American students by creating opportunities for meaningful interactions safely,” Carrie Purcell, the co-founder of Tech Adaptika, explained in a press release. “Our virtual platform allows educators to teach in a more human-centric way."

According to the announcement, students and teachers alike will be able to customize their own avatars, allowing them to become completely immersed in the classroom. Much like a physical classroom, students will be able to engage directly with their fellow students and teachers. 

Following last year, Tech-Adaptika says this summer school is just one way it is fighting back against the negatives that have affected education throughout 2020 and early 2021. With many schools closed throughout the 2020 school year, the company notes that many children are now starting to fall behind on the minimum proficiency level for reading, and both Tech-Adaptike and Voilà Learning believe that virtual summer schools like theirs can help turn the tide.

The summer school platform will be available from July 15 to September 15, and it will run from 9 a.m. to noon, (eastern time) Monday through Thursday. Tech-Adaptika also says the program will be available to school boards across North America and that it's being funded by both the Canadian and US government.

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