Stream Free Educational Videos at TeacherTube

Public, private, and homeschool teachers all benefit from this free resource

The Ultimate Guide to Online Learning at Home
The Ultimate Guide to Online Learning at Home
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TeacherTube is very similar to YouTube in layout and function, with one crucial difference: It's devoted entirely to educational videos.

Although the advertisements on the site and below each video can be distracting, it's still a helpful resource for students and educators. The website monitors inappropriate materials, so it's safe to use in the classroom.

TeacherTube also has free audio files, photos, and documents. All of this is free to access and a user account is only necessary if you want to access options like the ability to upload your own content, add items to your list of favorites, etc.

What Types of Videos Are on TeacherTube?

TeacherTube has thousands of videos, many of them student-made, covering topics from PE exercises to Monet's painting techniques.

Because anyone can upload videos to the site, they do vary, and not all of them are straightforward educational videos. Some are student projects or classroom demonstrations, and many of them are amateur presentations.

However, the benefit of this is that you also get to see what students around the world are working on—there are videos from classrooms as far apart as New York and New Zealand.

You can browse for the videos by topics like science, professional development, educational podcasts, reading, social sciences, technology, world languages, gaming, computer science, history, science, non-profit, math, fine arts, and several others.

What Do TeacherTube Videos Look Like?

TeacherTube videos play on a mid-sized screen much like the default YouTube video size.

The quality varies from video to video, depending on who made them. For the most part, however, the quality is not especially high, and the videos take a while to load.

Still, for one-on-one instruction, the videos work very well.

What Do You Need to Watch TeacherTube Videos?

All that's really required to use TeacherTube is a recent web browser like Chrome, Safari, etc.

Additonal Features on TeacherTube

TeacherTube has a lot of useful extra features. You can email the videos to friends, embed them in blogs, or link to them in other websites using the provided HTML code.

You can also download some of the videos to your own computer so that it's easier to show a classroom or use it without internet access.

How Much Do TeacherTube Videos Cost?

TeacherTube is free for anyone to use right now, without needing a user account. However, you do have to have an account (it's free) to access features like uploading your own videos, adding videos to your list of favorites, making playlists, etc.

If the advertisements bother you, you can pay to have them removed by subscribing to TeacherTube Pro.