Xbox Live TCP and UDP Port Numbers

What to do if Xbox Live doesn't work through a router

Xbox 360 Console
Evan-amos / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

For an Xbox to play games through a router over Xbox Live, the router needs to understand which port numbers should be opened in order to relay the appropriate information through the network. 

In most cases, NAT technology eliminates the need for manually configuring port forwarding details for the Xbox to communicate with the internet. However, if NAT isn't working or if you need to set up the ports manually for some other reason, you can find that information below.

Xbox Live Ports

The Xbox Live service uses these ports for its IP networking:

  • UDP: 53, 88, 3074
  • TCP: 53, 80, 3074

Note: UDP and TCP port 1863 is used for the Xbox Kinect if it's having trouble accessing the internet.

How to Set up the Router for Xbox Live

In order to get Xbox Live working with the proper ports, you must log into your router so that you can manage the port forwarding settings.

See How to Access a Router as Admin if you need help getting in. Also visit Port Forward to instructions on setting up forwarding ports on your specific router.