TCL Upgrades its Wearable Display Glasses to Be Comfier and More Fun to Use

New speakers promise 'cinema-level clarity'

Electronics giant TCL has just announced an update to its NxtWear display glasses with a spate of advancements and refinements.

The company’s upcoming NxtWear S glasses seem to have answered many of the complaints levied at previous iterations. The innovative wearable is now more comfortable during use, easier to control, and includes several visual and sound-related improvements to make them, well, more fun to wear and stream content. 

TCL NxtWear S


Let's dive into tech first. TCL's glasses include dual 1080p micro OLED displays, one for each eye, and the company says the visuals of the new model have received a "considerable boost in quality."

TCL has also overhauled the sound system, packing the glasses with a redesigned speaker array that they say delivers "cinema-level clarity." 

Controls have been completely redesigned from the ground up, now with little to no reliance on your smartphone to make adjustments. These new glasses feature analog dials atop each ocular display. The left wheel controls volume, and the right wheel controls brightness and allows you to change the mode from 2D to 3D. The connection port is also now magnetic, so you can connect your phone, charger, or computer without too much fiddling.

For comfort, TCL has redesigned the bridge for a more contoured feel against the skin. The speakers have also been adjusted, so they don't emit uncomfortable frequencies during use. The company hopes these redesigns make the glasses a better fit for longer use sessions, such as during prolonged lengthy commutes or global travel. 

The NxtWear S wearable display glasses will be available to consumers by the end of the year, though no exact date has been given. Additionally, TCL remains quiet on pricing, but the last iteration cost around $700.

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