TCL Teases Multiple New 5G Routers for Faster Speeds and Better Security

"Uncompromised connectivity"

TCL took to the stage at this year’s Broadband World Forum and unveiled a trio of advanced routers filled with nifty tech. 

These latest-generation 5G routers are designed to support satellite signals from mobile providers and standard Wi-Fi 6 connections. To that end, the TCL Linkhub 5G HH512 is built to hustle on both fronts, offering download speeds up to 3.47Gbps on 5G and up to 5.4Gbps on dual-band Wi-Fi 6 connectivity.



The HH512 supports up to 192 simultaneous connections and features a cone-shaped design the company says helps it to blend into any surrounding to "complement any home or office environment."

The Linkzone 5G MW513, however, is all about portability. This pocket-sized 5G/Wi-Fi 6 router lets you build a stable network anywhere you go, with 5G download speeds up to 4.11Gbps, dual-band Wi-Fi 6E, and room for 32 simultaneous connections. This is a battery-powered device that gets 12 hours of juice per charge. 

TCL Linkzone MW513


Finally, the TCL Linkhub HH132 is built for those around the world without stable 5G access. This 4G-enabled router allows for up to 600Mbps of download and 150Mbps of uplink speeds, with room for 64 simultaneous devices. The company says this router is "ideal for live streaming and podcasting." 

The company has not revealed any pricing information for these routers, but they've announced availability locations and approximate release dates. The cone-shaped HH512 launches any day now, but only in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. 

The portable MW513 gets a North American launch later this year, while the 4G-enabled HH132 comes to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa at the end of the year.

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