TCL Reveals New Smartphone Line and Multiple Tablets

Most of the phones come with a triple camera system

During the Mobile World Congress event, TCL revealed the upcoming additions to its 30 Series smartphone line and three new tablets.

According to a press release, the 30 Series will include the baseline TCL 30 model, 30 E, 30 SE, 30+, and the 30 5G, all of which have multiple cameras and features to help people with creative endeavors. For the tablets, the NXTPAPER MAX 10 and TAB 10s 5G stand out with their high-quality display and protection against eye strain.

TCL 30 Series of phones


The new devices will be making landfall in Europe and Asia first, with the 30 Series eventually coming to the US. However, there is no definite date, and the price may change with the US release. The tablets have yet to be confirmed for a US launch.

Most of the 30 series phones have a 50MP AI triple camera system, with the 30 E being the exception as it has a 50MP dual-camera system. All cameras share features like Steady Snap for accurately taking pictures of objects in motion and AI HDR support for optimal video quality.

What separates them is the display. The 30, 30+, and 30 5G host a 6.7-inch Full HD AMOLED screen, while the 30 E and 30 have a slightly smaller 6.52-inch display. And the 30 5G is the only model that connects to the 5G network for lightning-fast performance.

TCL Tab 10S 5G


The NXTPAPER MAX 10 has a 10.36-inch display with an 83 percent screen-to-body ratio and comes with an anti-glare coating. The 10s 5G is slightly smaller with a 10.1-inch Full HD display, but it supports 5G.

Both tablets house TCL's NXTVISION tech to boost screen quality and add better protection against eye strain.

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