TCL Offers Higher Resolution VR Headset That Rids You of ‘Screen Door’ Issues

And has an inkjet-printed 8K OLED display on the way

TCL CSOT is showing off a new VR headset and 8K OLED display, at CES 2023 this week.

Both newly-announced devices were revealed in Las Vegas today, with the 65-inch 8K IJP-OLED display being the most in-line with TCL CSOT's largely screen-oriented catalog. So the announcement of the 1700 PPI Real-RGB LCD VR display module (a virtual reality headset) may have come as a bit of a surprise.

TCL CSOT 1700 PPI Real-RGB LCD VR Display Module at CES 2023


The precise specifications of the Real-RGB LCD VR headset haven't been shared yet, but it does boast a display of up to 1700 PPI (pixels per inch), as the name implies. TCL CSOT also claims that the increased PPI helps to mitigate what it calls the "screen door effect," which causes users to see 'tears' or gaps between some of the pixels on display.

These advances result in what TCL CSOT is calling a "more vivid and immersive" 3D image. Though other specifics, such as control inputs, device compatibility, and tracking, have yet to be revealed.

TCL CSOT 65-inch 8K IJP-OLED display at CES 2023


Along with branching into virtual reality, TCL CSOT also revealed its 65-inch 8K IJP-OLED that offers high (but unspecified) resolution and refresh rates. The new display supposedly offers an "ultra-high" contrast ratio, a narrower border, and improved brightness compared to older TCL CSOT OLED models. It's being manufactured using inkjet printing technology—a process that generally makes OLED manufacturing more economical by using less material.

No pricing details or release dates have been provided yet, so it's difficult to say whether the 1700 PPI Real-RGB LCD VR headset or IJP-OLED display will be available at any point this year. For the time being, we'll wait for TCL CSOT to reveal more details.

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