TCL Expands Its Q and S Class Smart TV Lineups With 19 New Models

From 43- to 98- inches, all 4K

Several new Smart TV models are out today across TCL's S, Q, and QM class lineups, all offering up to 4K resolution in Ultra HD.

TCL has been known to produce affordable Smart TVs—in addition to beefier models—and its newest lineup pretty much covers the same spectrum of pricing and power. Whether you're looking for a modest 4K TV under $300 or prefer a mini-LED QLED display just shy of 100 inches, plenty of options are available.

43- inch S class S4


Acting as the next step in the S Class, TCL's S4 Smart TVs offer 4K Ultra HD (in either Google TV or Roku TV models) rather than sticking to the 1080p Full HD limits of the S3 series. HDR Pro functionality has also been added to the S4 to provide sharper contrast and more vivid colors while also supporting wireless Bluetooth and HDMI.

OLED displays are also in the lineup through the latest Q6 and Q7 models, which also support up to 4K Ultra HD video. The Q6 utilizes a LED Backlight to improve brightness, along with what TCL calls a "Game Accelerator 120 feature" that promises to reduce lag and improve response times when playing games. Whereas the Q7 uses a PRO LED Backlight for what TCL claims is "a truly realistic cinematic experience," improved local dimming for greater contrast and a 120Hz panel refresh rate.

55- inch Q class


Beyond the Q7 is the QM8 series, which offers mini-LED QLED screens that claim deeper darks, brighter lights, and overall more vivid colors. An ULTRA LED Backlight promises to push the contrast even further than the Q7, and the QM8 contains its own built-in subwoofer to assist with enhanced audio.

The S Class S4 is available now via various electronics retailers, from $279.99 (43 inches) to $1399.99 (85 inches), in either Google TV or Roku TV-supporting models. All Q Class Q6 models are also out now, starting at $499.99 (55 inches) and going up to $1599.99 (85 inches). The same applies to the Q7, which starts at $749.99 (55 inches) and goes up to $2199.99 (85 inches). 65-inch ($1699.99), 75-inch ($2299.99), and 85-inch ($2799.99) versions of the QM8 are also available now, while a 98-inch model is set to release "later this year" for $9999.99.

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