TCL Announces Roku TV Line for 2015

TCL 50-inch 50FS3850 Roku TV
TCL 50-inch 50FS3850 Roku TV. Image provided by TCL USA

It looks like TCL has an early 2015 Christmas present for cable/satellite cord-cutters - its second generation LED/LCD TVs with the Roku operating system built-in. This concept, a partnership between Roku, Hisense, and TCL, was first shown at the 2014 CES, and it looks like things worked out pretty well as TCL is not only continuing its commitment to the Roku TV platform but is expanding its Roku TV line-up to a total of 10 models for 2015, distributed into three series.

All the sets provide complete access to all of Roku's internet streaming channel offerings (2000 channels including Sling TV).

This means that right out the of box, via connection to a internet router using either Ethernet or WiFi, consumers can access an abundance of online TV, movie, and music streaming content without connection to an external media streaming box, plug-in media streaming Stick, antenna, cable, or satellite service (although connections are provided for those content access options as well). However, keep in mind that even though the TV will allow you access to a lot of channels - not all of the channels are free, some may require a pay-per-view fee or a pre-paid monthly subscription.

On the other hand, all the TVs have HDMI and other inputs and you need to connect your Blu-ray Disc, DVD player, or other video source device, a well as audio output options for connection to your home theater audio system.

3700 Series

The 3700 is TCL's entry level TV line with built-in Roku features and is comprised of three models; the 32S3700 (32-inches, $219), 48FS3700 (48-inches, $429) and 55FS3700 (55-inches, $598). All three models provide 3 HDMI inputs, a USB input for access digital media content on flash drives or other compatible devices, and even a built-in headphone jack for private listening.

The 32S3700 features 720p display resolution and 60Hz screen refresh rate, while the 48FS3700 and 55FS3700 are full 1080p with 120Hz motion processing.

3800 Series

This mid-line Roku TV series offers up four models; the 32S3800 (32-inches, $229), 40FS3800 (40-inches, $339), and 50FS3800 (50-inches, $479). The 32S800 is 720p, while the rest of the models in this group feature 1080p resolution and 120Hz motion processing, but provide a more stylish design with a quad-pedestal stand.

3850 Series

TCL's top-of-the-line Roku TV 3850 series also comes in four sizes, 32S3850 (32-inches, $249), 40FS3850 (40-inches - $359), 50FS3850 (50-inches, $529), 55FS3850 (55-inches, $699). According to TCL, in this series, the 32S3850 is 720p, while the rest of the line offers up 1080p display resolution and 120Hz refresh rate, and also includes a gunmetal finish with a much sturdier all-aluminum stand.

More Info

Also, another thing to point out is that Roku and TCL indicated at the 2015 CES that 4K Ultra HD TVs with Roku TV built-in are in the planning stages (Netflix and several other content services are now, or about to start, streaming in 4K). However, whether anything will materialize on store shelves in 2015 is not indicated so far.

Stayed tuned as more info becomes available...