Tamagotchi and Other Games Arrive For Apple Watch

Tamagotchi Apple Watch App
Apple/ iTunes

If you’re still looking for a reason to buy an Apple Watch, we’ve found one: the wearable now has its very own Tamagotchi app. Just like the Japanese keychain you carried around in the 90s, the app allows you to hatch your own pet Tamagotchi and then feed and nurture it into adulthood.

The watch app works alongside Tamagotchi’s existing iPhone app. With it you’re able to check the status of your pet at any point throughout the day and you’ll receive a notification on your watch if your Tamagotchi needs something.

For things like feedings and bathroom breaks you can even initiate those actions from your wrist.

Tamagotchi joins a host of literally thousands of other apps already available for the wearable. If toting around a virtual pet isn’t quite your thing (or it is an you're looking for more), here are a few other options already available:

Trivia Crack

If you use Facebook and have any friends at all, chances are one of them has tried to lure you into the addicting game that is Trivia Crack. The game’s Apple Watch version allows you to answer questions on your wrist as well as spin the wheel. Unfortunately, games have to be started on your iPhone before you can play the pint-sized version, but it can make keeping up with a fast-playing game much easier.

Spy Watch

Every want to be part of an international spy organization? Yeah, we thought so. Spy Watch is a role-playing game that works sort of like a choose your own adventure book.

Throughout the day you’ll be presented with a number of different tasks on your wrist where you have to choose between two possible actions. What you choose will determine what happens next in the game.


Lifeline is a choose-your-own-adventure game that was made for the Apple Watch. In the game, you’re chatting wit someone who has crash-landed their ship on an alien moon.

The game goes on throughout the day, just as if this person really exists, and you’re tasked with giving the person instructions on how to proceed. It can be a lot of fun, especially if you’re stuck in a desk job and need a casual distraction throughout the day.

Letter Zap

If you’re a fan of word games, then Letter Zap is likely to one of your new favorites. The addictive game has you unscramble as many words as you can within a 30 second timeframe. All the action can happen on your wrist, and the game keeps track of your personal bests so you can try and improve over time.


If you like puzzle games, then chances are you’ve already played a ton of Rules!. The games’ iPhone app made it to Apple’s Best of 2014 list, and the game was one of the first to become available for the Apple Watch. Due to the Apple Watch’s small screen, gameplay is condensed considerably, so what would sometimes be a nine card game is now just four,  but the game can still be a ton of fun to play of your wrist, especially during a few minutes of downtime during your commute or while you’re waiting in line.