Take Your Apple Watch Ultra to Greater Depths With This New App

Turn your watch into your own personal dive computer

Turn your Apple Watch Ultra into a recreational dive computer with Huish Outdoors' new Oceanic+ app.

If you enjoy scuba diving and have an Apple Watch Ultra with watchOS 9.1 or higher (and an iPhone 8 or newer running iOS 16.1 and up), Huish Outdoors has a new app for you. Oceanic+ uses the Ultra's capabilities and build to turn Apple's new wearable into a functioning dive computer that can handle depths of up to 40 meters (about 130 feet).

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Before a dive, you can set all the necessary details—depth, gas, surface time, etc.—and the app will automatically calculate the limit of time required for your intended depth. Various other dive conditions like currents, tides, visibility, and water temperature are incorporated to give you a better idea of what to expect—and help keep you safe.

Oceanic+ also makes use of the Ultra's haptic feedback, so the Watch will "tap" you on the wrist to provide notifications. Huish Outdoors says the vibrations can even be felt through a 7mm-thick wetsuit and eliminate the possibility of mistaking a diving partner's notifications for your own.

Apple Watch Oceanic+ app


Multiple complications are also on offer, giving you a way to check a number of stats and details quickly. Elevation information and limitations, your dive planner and settings, surface time, and no-fly (how long to wait after a dive before getting on a plane) time estimates are all included. Though it's important to note that some of the features in Oceanic+ (like the decompression algorithm, advanced dive planner, and more) are locked behind a subscription.

The Oceanic+ app is available today as a free download for the iPhone and Apple Watch, with multiple subscriptions available, including a one-day full-access plan for $0.99 (normally $4.99), a $9.99 per month option, or an annual plan that's $79.99 per year—$129.99 for family sharing.

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