Take These 9 Quizzes to See Your Future

Let the BuzzFeed Genie Reveal All

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If BuzzFeed quizzes are any guide, I should move to Michigan and retrain to be an astronaut. At least that's what the site told me after I took some of its popular personality quizzes. I must be doing something right, though, because they also assured me I don't need to exercise more (even though I hardly ever do) and I am going to live a long, healthy life.

It may all be hogwash, but who doesn't love the ridiculous self-exploration of a funny BuzzFeed personality quiz? I recently took a ton and chronicled the results to see how entertaining they could be.

Here are nine entertaining ones I found that were in some way designed to reveal key parts of your personality and life. They are among the most popular -- and funniest -- BuzzFeed quizzes. 

What State Do You Actually Belong In? 

Tell BuzzFeed your favorite fast food chain, TV show, musician, actor and animal. Pick adjectives to describe your partner's good qualities and your own negative ones. Then choose a landscape photo and favorite quote and voilà, BuzzFeed will tell you which U.S. state matches your personality best. It told me I belong in Michigan, even though I live  in Maryland. "You’re a smart, friendly, and relaxed person," the summary began.  I guess the author of this quiz likes people in Michigan, but I'm not packing my bags just yet.

What Career Should You Actually Have? 

Answer 10 quick questions that mostly measure how you like to spend your time and money.  Who's your "dream dinner guest"? How would you spend a tax refund? Choose a magazine, social network and movie genre. After I clicked on all my choices, it told me I should be an astronaut because I'm curious and "an explorer." Alternate occupations it offered were researcher and (this is what I currently do!) a teacher.

This Palm Reading Quiz Will Reveal Your Future 

This is one of my favorites because the detailed drawings of hands show you which lines are which in palm-reading-speak. I was never quite sure which was my "life line" or how to tell my "fate" line from my "marriage" line. Now I know. The good news is, BuzzFeed's palm reader put mine in the category of "Strength" and predicted, "You will have a long, fulfilling life of vitality." Oh, I feel so relieved--and I didn't even have to pay a palm reader!

How Passive-Aggressive Are You?  

If passive aggressive people annoy you, this might be fun. If you don't care whether people are passive aggressive and you aren't that way yourself, it might be kind of boring. The answers are obvious. By now, we all know what passive aggressive means and that it's not optimal behavior, right? Still, a few of the answers are slightly funny. Passive aggressive behavior can get ridiculous. Buzzfeed told me I am not passive aggressive, but hey, the choices are obvious if you want that answer.

How "Bro" Are You? 

You need a little more time and desire to be entertained by idiocy for this one, but it's very popular -- probably because it's about some obnoxious behaviors. Read more than 100 (including some really annoying) lifestyle activities and pick any that fit you to find out if the "Bro" moniker fits. Shop at Hollister, Affliction and Express? Got a barbed wire tattoo and attend Kid Cudi concerts? Urinate in public? Draw on people while they're sleeping? You get the idea. I learned I am "definitely not a bro" -- mainly because all I did was read and reject all possible answers without clicking on any. "You checked 0 out of 130 on this list!" it correctly told me.

What Your Favorite Emoji Actually Says About You 

This one is simple and quick. It's about emojis, those tiny icons used to convey emotions in text messages. Pick one emoji from a grid of 21 different little pictures, and it tells you what emotion it represents and offers an interpretation of what that says about you. My choice kind of implied I was trying to be too hip or cool. "Moon Emoji: You’re your own person…and that person is awesome. Maybe too awesome for emojis?"

What Level of Introvert Are You? 

This one doesn't give you many non-introverted choices, so you're basically talking about gradations of introversion. It labeled me a "mild introvert" and said: "You have some introverted tendencies, but you have some extroverted tendencies too."

What Grade Are You Getting in Life? 

 All BuzzFeed quiz lovers have probably taken this one. It purportedly focuses on the big picture of life. Are you eating smart, exercising and doing all the goody-goody things? This one netted me an A+ in the grade of life, and hey, I even told them I don't exercise. Something must be wrong in the quiz logic -- or the rest of the world is farther behind the health curve than I thought.

Which Hogwarts House Do You Belong In?

The custodians of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft Wizardry, the place where Harry Potter learned his trade, divided this seat of higher learning into four communities or "houses." Each house takes its name from its founder. This quiz indicates whether you should take up residence in Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin