How to Take and Share Nintendo Switch Screenshots

Take screenshots of your favorite gaming memories

When you've just achieved something impressive in your favorite Nintendo Switch game, it's great to be able to take a screen capture of your progress and share it with others. Here's how to take Nintendo Switch screenshots, and what you need to know about sharing.

How to Take a Screenshot on Nintendo Switch

Taking a screenshot is super easy with the Nintendo Switch, provided you know what button to press: 

  • On the Joy-Con controller: The left Joy-Con has a dedicated screenshot button. It's square and located near the bottom of the controller, underneath the directional buttons.
  • On a Pro Controller: The screenshot button is located just left of the center of the controller, above the directional pad. 

Once you've pressed the screenshot button on either controller, you'll hear a camera shutter sound and a notification will pop up in the top left of your Switch's screen stating "Capture Taken."

How to View Your Screenshots on the Nintendo Switch

All of your screenshots can be found in the Nintendo Switch's Album App. To view your screenshots, select the Album icon (looks like a box with a sideways heat) at the bottom of the Switch's Home Screen.

Nintendo Switch menu with Album icon highlighted

If you have many screenshots, you can filter them within the album so it's easier to look through. Tap Filter or press the Y button, then select which filter you want to use. You can choose to look at:

  • Screenshots Only
  • Videos Only
  • System Memory: Images stored on the Switch itself
  • MicroSD Card: Images stored on your Switch's removable microSD card
  • Specific Game Screenshots: So you can browse according to the game you played.

How to Edit a Screenshot on Your Nintendo Switch

It's possible to add text to your screenshots before sharing them. Here's how.

  1. Select the image you want to edit.

    You can also use the directional buttons or left analog stick to move to the relevant image, then press A to open it.

  2. Either press A or tap Editing and Posting.

  3. Select Add Text.

  4. Type the message you want to accompany your screenshot.

    You can use the directional pad or left analog stick to select the letters on the keyboard, but it's much faster to use your fingers to tap the on-screen keyboard.

  5. Press the Plus (+) button to confirm the message.

  6. Tap and drag the finished text around the screen. Alternatively, Select Change, then use the directional buttons or left stick to move the text; use the L and R buttons to rotate it.

    If you don't like the font size or text color, select those options to change them accordingly.

  7. Select Finished. Your screenshot now has the text added to it. 

    A screenshot of New Super Mario Bros with added 'test' text.

    A copy of your screenshot without the text is saved onto your Switch for future reference.

How to Share the Screenshot on Facebook or Twitter

Once you've selected the screenshot, you can share it easily with others using a couple of different methods. 

Here's how to share it via social media networks like Facebook or Twitter. 

  1. Tap Editing and Posting, or press A.

  2. Select Post

    If you want to share multiple screenshots at once, tap Post Multiple and select each image you want to share, before tapping Post

  3. Choose a Posting Location. Your options are Facebook or Twitter.

    The first time you do this, you need to link your social media accounts to your Switch. Select Link Account, then follow the instructions to log in.

  4. Enter a comment or tweet, then select Post to send the screenshot to your social media account.

  5. A message will appear confirming you've successfully shared a Nintendo Switch screenshot. Go check your social media account to be sure!

How to Copy a Screenshot to a MicroSD Card

Sometimes, you might want to move your screenshots to a microSD card rather than leave it on your console. This is useful because you can remove the microSD card and place it into your PC or laptop, like you can with a digital camera's memory card.

  1. When browsing your Switch's album, select the screenshot you want to move.

  2. Tap Editing and Posting.

  3. Select Copy.

  4. Select Copy again. 

  5. Select OK.

  6. You now have two copies of that screenshot. One on your Switch and one on the microSD card.

    Want to delete one of those copies? In the Album, tap Delete (or press X), then select each image. Select Delete to delete the images you've selected. 

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