How to Take a Scrolling Screenshot in Android 12

You can do more with screenshots in Android 12

What to Know

  • Press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons. Select Capture more from the prompt on the lower left.
  • The resulting image includes any content above and below the original screenshot.
  • Only certain apps currently support the scrolling screenshots feature.

This article explains how to take scrolling screenshots in Android 12.

How to Take Scrolling Screenshots in Android 12

If you already know how to take a screenshot with your Android device, then you're already halfway there. If you don't, the process takes a few seconds if you follow these directions.

  1. Locate the image, app, or webpage you'd like to screenshot.

  2. Press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons to take a screenshot. Each screenshot is saved into a dedicated folder on the device.

  3. From the prompt in the lower left part of the screen, you can view the image in full-screen, share it via social media and MMS, edit it, or select the Capture more button. This last option will start the process of creating a scrolling screenshot.

  4. After selecting the Capture more option, the original screenshot and any content above and below will display. You can manipulate the new screenshot's edges to make a larger image.

  5. Once you've selected the scrolling screenshot's area, you can edit the final image. After alterations are complete, tap the Save button on the top left of the screen.

    Capture more and Save highlighted in Android 12 screenshot editing mode
  6. After saving, you can view the scrolling screenshot in the Android 12 photo gallery app and any other preferred image viewing app.


If the "Capture more" option doesn't show up during step 3, the app, image, or webpage is not compatible with scrolling screenshots.

Will My Android 12 Smartphone Have Scrolling Screenshot?

As one of the main features behind Android 12, every smartphone or device should have screenshot scrolling as long as it's running Android 12.

Previous versions of Android required a third-party app like LongShot to create a scrolling screenshot. Other smartphone manufacturers added scrolling screenshot functionality under different names like "scroll capture" and "scroll shot."

The option to create a scrolling screenshot in Android 12 is dependent on several factors, the first of which being whether or not the phone in question is running Android 12. Scrolling screenshots is a new feature natively found in Android 12 for the first time since Google launched the operating system. Though the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are the only two phones on the market with Android 12 pre-loaded, numerous other phones can either upgrade to the new OS or eventually gain access to the Android 12.

How Do I Enable Scrolling in My Screenshots?

If you have Android 12, all you need to do is take a screenshot in a supported app, image, or webpage and select the "Capture more" option. From there, you can resize the screenshot to make it both larger and scrollable.

  • Why is the scrolling screenshot not working on Android 12?

    If you can't take a screenshot on Android, it could be due to a security policy, or your device could have limited storage space. The Capture more option will not appear unless a screen is scrollable.

  • How do I edit screenshots on Android 12?

    To edit a screenshot immediately after capturing it, tap the Pencil icon that appears at the bottom of the screen. You can also go to Google Photos, choose your picture, and tap Edit. Google Play has several screenshot apps if you want more options.

  • How do I record scrolling on Android 12?

    To record your screen on Android, use Google Play Games. Download a third-party screen recorder app for higher resolution, live-streaming functionality, or other features.

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