How to Screenshot on a Toshiba Laptop

It's the same as any other Windows 10 computer

What to Know

  • Use Microsoft's Game Bar to take screenshots. Press Windows Key + G; then Capture; then Take screenshot.
  • Press the Windows Key and PrtSc (Print Screen) to take and save a screenshot to your Pictures directory immediately.
  • Game Bar screenshots are saved, by default, to your Videos directory in a folder titled Captures.

This article covers two ways to take screenshots on Toshiba laptops running Windows 10; however, these tips will apply to Windows 10 computers.

When on a laptop, the simplest way to screenshot is usually the best because laptop displays are generally smaller, lower-resolution, and less complicated than desktops connected to multiple monitors (where screenshots can become slightly more difficult).

How to Screenshot Games on a Toshiba Laptop Using Game Bar

Built into Windows 10 are several ways to quickly and easily take a screenshot.

Microsoft's Game Bar is a utility that came to Windows 10 after launch and can be used to quickly and easily take a screenshot when playing a game.

Before you can start taking screenshots with Game Bar, you'll need to make sure the Game Bar is enabled.

  1. Open up your Start Menu, and click on the Settings cog. From the main settings page, select the Gaming tab. At the top of the screen, you'll have an option to toggle Game Bar to On.

    Xbox Game Bar toggle
  2. Once Game Bar is enabled, you'll be able to access it anytime. Press the Windows Key + G to open up the Game Bar, which will appear as an overlay on top of whatever you're doing on your computer.

    Select the Capture icon at the top of the bar.

    Xbox Game Bar capture
  3. A new window will usually appear on the left-hand side of your screen. Select the Take screenshot icon to take and save a screenshot of your screen. This screenshot will not include the Game Bar overlay.

    These screenshots will save to My Computer > Videos > Captures.

    Xbox Game Bar screenshot

    The Game Bar can do a lot more than take screenshots, however. You can use the Game Bar to record your games and stream them and display your FPS in-game, among other things.

How to Screenshot Windows on a Toshiba Laptop Using Print Screen

Sometimes you won't want to screenshot a game but rather something going on in Windows or in an application you're running. For these instances, there's no better way than using Windows' print screen function.

  1. Get what you want to screenshot ready and active on your display. Then, press Windows Key + PrtSc (Print Screen) to take and save a screenshot automatically.

  2. Screenshots save to My Computer > Pictures > Screenshots in PNG format and at whatever resolution your monitor is running. These screenshots will also include your entire desktop, so if you don't want other programs obscuring what's onscreen, be sure to minimize them first.

    When taking a screenshot, your display will flicker quickly in an attempt to mimic the shutter of a camera and let you know you successfully took a screenshot.

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