How to Take a Screenshot on a OnePlus Phone

A few ways to capture your smartphone screen

What to Know

  • Take a screenshot by pressing and holding both the Power and Volume Down buttons.
  • If activated in the phone's settings, a gesture control can take screenshots by swiping downwards on the screen with three fingers.
  • Expanded Screenshots are available if taking a screenshot of an app or website with a scroll bar.

This article explains how to take a screenshot on a OnePlus smartphone.

How to Take a Screenshot on a OnePlus device

Though OnePlus smartphones run on a custom version of Android called OxygenOS, most of the core features carry over. The hardware-based method of taking a screenshot on Android is the same on a OnePlus device. The process takes a few seconds and requires two simultaneous button presses.

  1. Navigate your device to the app, image, or website you'd like to screenshot.

  2. Press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously to take a screenshot. The display will flash, and a preview of the screenshot will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen.

  3. Tap on the screenshot preview to see a larger preview of the image. From there, you can edit, delete, or share the screenshot.

How to Enable and Use Gesture Controls to Take a Screenshot

Along with the standard way of taking a screenshot on an Android device, OnePlus users can enable specific gesture controls to do the same thing. With a simple downward swipe of three fingers, you can take a screenshot at a moment's notice.

  1. To enable the screenshot quick gesture, open the Settings app.

  2. Once in the Settings app, scroll down and select Buttons & gestures > Quick gestures.

  3. From here, make sure to enable Three-finger screenshot.

    Buttons & gestures, Quick gestures, and Three-finger screenshot in OnePlus settings

With that option enabled, all you need to do is swipe down anywhere on the screen with your index, middle, and ring finger down to take a screenshot.

How to Take an Expanded Screenshot on a OnePlus Device

Sometimes you may want to take a screenshot of an article or image that stretches past your display. On devices with Oxygen OS 11 and up, you can capture an expanded screenshot if what you're taking the image of has a scroll bar on the right side of the screen. The following steps are similar to taking a scrolling screenshot on an Android 12 device.

  1. Find an image, app, or website that extends beyond the confines of your OnePlus device's display.

  2. Take a screenshot by pressing and holding the Power and Volume Down buttons or using the Three-finger screenshot quick gesture.

  3. In the bottom right corner of the display, the screenshot preview will include an Expanded Screenshot button—tap Expanded Screenshot to activate that option.

  4. On the next screen, the image will begin scrolling downwards on its own. Tap anywhere on the screen to stop scrolling and create the expanded screenshot.

    Expanded Screenshot, Tap screen, and what expanded screenshot looks like when completed on OnePlus

If the "Expanded Screenshot" option doesn't show up during step 2, then the app, image, or website in question is incompatible with the functionality.

Where Are My Screenshots in OnePlus?

Whenever you take a screenshot, the image saves to a dedicated folder in the operating system. You can locate your screenshots quickly by following these steps.

  1. Open the Files app. Once there, tap on the hamburger menu button, shown as three horizontal lines, on the top left of the screen to view a selection of file types found on the device.

  2. With the menu open, select Images. Tap on the Screenshots folder to see every screenshot you've taken so far on the following screen.

    Images and Screenshots in a OnePlus phone Files app
  3. You can edit, delete, and share the screenshots saved on your OnePlus device by tapping on any image.

  • Who makes OnePlus phones?

    OnePlus phones are made by electronics manufacturer Oppo, which is a subsidiary of BKK electronics. The company has been making smartphones since 2013.

  • Where are OnePlus phones made?

    The company that makes OnePlus phones is based in Shenzhen, China. OnePlus phones are manufactured in China and India.

  • How do I pair my OnePlus buds?

    To put your OnePlus buds in pairing mode, place them in the charging box, then press and hold the setup button. To pair headphones with your OnePlus phone, go to Settings > Bluetooth & Device Connection > Bluetooth > Pair new device and select your OnePlus buds.

  • How do I turn off my OnePlus phone?

    Hold down Power+Volume Up, then tap Power Off or Restart. To turn it off with just the Power button, go to Settings > Buttons & Gestures > Press and hold the power button > Power Menu. To turn it off without the Power button, go to Settings > System > Power Off.

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