How to Take a Photo With Snap Spectacles

Spectacles are built to take Snaps

What to Know

  • Taking photos with Spectacles is a short process: While wearing them, press and briefly hold the button on the glasses.
  • Photos taken on Spectacles will be stored on Spectacles until they're imported to your Android or iOS device where you can access them.
  • Android devices support automatic importing of photos and video. On iOS, you import Snaps in the Memories tab in Snapchat app.

This article explains how to take photos, or picture Snaps, on Snapchat Spectacles.

Snapchat Spectacles have their own internal storage capable of storing up to 3,000 photos at once, and Snaps will be regularly uploaded to your iOS or Android device and deleted off Spectacles, so feel free to take as many photos on Spectacles as you'd like without worrying about maxing out your storage.

How to Take a Photo With Snap Spectacles

With a pair of charged, connected Spectacles, taking a photo is only the press of a button away at any given time, when wearing your glasses.

  1. Put on your Spectacles. Make sure they're charged and connected to your iOS or Android device for easy access to Snaps you take on Spectacles later.

  2. Turn your head in the direction of what you'd like to take a picture of, and briefly hold the button on your Spectacles to take a picture.

    Snapchat Spectacles button


    To take video Snaps on Spectacles, users press the button on Spectacles once to begin recording a 10-second video, twice to begin recording a 20-second video, and three times to begin recording a 30-second video. Make sure to briefly hold the button down to make sure you don't accidentally record a video instead of taking a picture.

  3. You only have to stand still for a moment, as the picture will be taken immediately after you press the button on Spectacles. Then, you're ready to take another picture or record a video on Spectacles.

How to Transfer Photos From Spectacles

Gettings Snaps off Spectacles isn't an involved process. All you'll need is your iOS or Android device and your Spectacles.

If your Android device supports Wi-Fi Direct technology, which most modern Android devices do, Spectacles will automatically import photos and videos off Spectacles and delete them from Spectacles' storage. The photos will then appear in the Memories tab of the Snapchat app.

On iOS, the process is slightly different.

  1. On iOS, with your Spectacles charged and nearby, open up the Snapchat app on your device and navigate to the Memories tab.

    If on Android, this Memories tab is where photos from Spectacles will be automatically backed up to and where they can be accessed to edit, sent off as Snaps, saved, etcetera.

  2. On iOS, or on Android if your device doesn't support Wi-Fi Direct, at the top of the Memories tab will appear an Import button. Tap the button, follow the onscreen instructions, and your Snaps will appear in the Memories tab.

    Steps to import Snaps into the Snapchat app on an iPhone.
  3. Snaps taken on Spectacles come in a circular aspect ratio, meaning when viewing Snaps taken on Spectacles you can rotate your device to see more of the image. This works for you as well as anyone viewing the Snaps on their own devices.

  • What are Snap Spectacles?

    Snap Spectacles are smart glasses that work exclusively with the Snapchat app. These smart glasses house an onboard camera lens for recording video and taking photos.

  • How do I connect my Snap Spectacles?

    Enable Bluetooth on a compatible smartphone running the latest version of the Snapchat app. If you're unsure if your phone works with Spectacles, visit the Spectacles compatibility guide. Put on your Snap Spectacles > tap your profile icon in the Snapchat app > Settings > Spectacles. Hold down one of the buttons on your Spectacles to enter pairing mode and name your glasses when they appear on the list of Bluetooth devices.

  • How do I turn off Snap Spectacles?

    There is no physical power button or way to turn off Snap Spectacles. Depending on the model, you can monitor battery life by tapping the side of the frames and looking at outer or inner LED indicators.

    You can also check the battery level from Memories in the Snapchat app.

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