How to Take a Video on a Chromebook

Make and save recordings with Chromebook's Camera app

What to Know

  • Select the App Launcher, type camera into the search bar, and select the Camera app. Select Video > Record.
  • To preview your video: Select the Gallery icon in the lower-right corner of the Camera app.
  • To find your saved videos: Go to the Files app, and select Downloads. To rename a video: Right-click and select Rename.

This article explains how to use your Chromebook's built-in Camera app to record and save videos. Instructions apply to all Chromebook models, including the Pixelbook.

How to Record Videos With the Chromebook Camera App

All Chromebooks come pre-loaded with the Camera app. If you have an older device, you may need to download the latest version from the Google Play Store. To start recording videos with your Chromebook:

  1. Select the App Launcher in the bottom-left corner of the desktop.

    The App Launcher on a Chromebook
  2. Type camera in the search bar and select the Camera app when it appears.

    The Camera app icon
  3. The camera app opens in Photo mode by default. Select Video on the right side to switch modes.

    The Video setting in Camera
  4. Select Record (the circle with the red dot) to begin recording. The icon will change in appearance. To stop recording, select the icon again.

    To set a timed delay for the camera, select the Settings gear in the top-left corner of the app window.

    The Record button
  5. To preview your video, select the Gallery icon in the bottom-right corner of the Camera app. It will feature a screenshot of your recently recorded video.

    The Gallery in Camera
  6. From here, you can scroll through all of your videos and photos, including any screenshots you've taken.

    If your video looks grainy, you need better lighting. If you cannot film outside, shoot your video in a room that is well lit.

    The Chromebook Camera app preview screen

How to Find Saved Videos on a Chromebook

Videos save to the Download folder by default. To access your files:

  1. Select the App Launcher in the bottom-left corner of the desktop.

    The App Launcher on a Chromebook
  2. Select the up-arrow to expand the list of apps.

    The Up Arrow in the App Launcher
  3. Select the Files app.

    The Files app
  4. Select Downloads in the left pane to see your videos along with all of your other downloads.

    To save a video to your Google Drive, drag the file over to Google Drive in the left pane.

    The Downloads section of My Files

Renaming Videos on Chromebook

Your saved videos have names in a specific format indicating the date and time you created the file. To rename your video, right-click it in the Files app and select Rename.

Alternatively, select the file and press Ctrl+Enter on your keyboard.

The Rename command for a file

What to Do With Your Videos

Chromebook saves videos in the .webm file format, which you can use on social media services such as YouTube. If you need to convert the video to a different format, such as .mp4, dozens of free video converter services are available online.

Other Options for Recording Videos on Chromebook

If you have an HD webcam that you would prefer to use instead of the built-in camera, you can try connecting it to your Chromebook via one of the USB ports. Not all webcams support Chrome OS, but many do.

A number of Chromebook extensions, such as ClipChamp and Webcam Toy, serve as substitutes for the default Camera app. They offer advanced functionality that is especially useful for external webcams.

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