How to Take a Screenshot on PS5

Share scores, capture video, save gameplay and more at the touch of a button

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What to Know

  • Hold the Create button on your controller. An icon at the top-right of your screen confirms the screenshot.
  • Press the PlayStation button to access Control Center > New screenshot to view, edit, share, and delete.
  • Enter the Media Gallery to copy screenshots to a USB drive.

This article covers instructions for taking screenshots on the PS5, including information about taking the screenshot, where screenshots are stored, and how to share your screenshots with others. It also provides quick tips for capturing video and saving gameplay.

How to Take a PS5 Screenshot

Recording video may be more common these days, but taking screenshots on PS5 is just as quick and easy as capturing gameplay or stream. With only the click of a button, you can start taking screenshots in seconds.

  1. On the screen you'd like to capture, hold the Create button on your controller until you see a notification pop in the top-right of the screen that indicates a screenshot has been captured.

  2. To access your screenshots, press the PlayStation button and navigate to the furthest card on the right, which will be titled New screenshot. Open this card with X.

    PS5 Control Center cards
  3. In the card, you can share screenshots to linked social media or with friends on PlayStation Network by selecting Share with X. You can also do some light photo editing with Edit as well as delete your screenshots with Delete.

    PS5 screenshot card
  4. To view all your recorded media, select Go to Media Gallery with X. Here, you can access all your screenshots. After opening a screenshot with X, selecting the ellipsis (...) icon with X will give you the option to copy a screenshot to a USB drive.

    PS5 Media Gallery

If you'd like to select multiple screenshots at once, in the Media Gallery, select the Checkmark icon on the left side of the screen with X, and then choose which images you'd like. From here, you can share, delete, or transfer screenshots to a USB drive in bulk.

Capture Video, Save Gameplay: Other Actions the PS5 Create Button Can Do

To the left of the PS5 controller's touchpad lies a small button with three vertical lines above it. This is the Create button. While holding down this button will take a screenshot, it can also perform various other useful actions.

  • A single short-press of the Create button opens a menu at the bottom of your screen where you can access options to view screenshots, take screenshots, save recent gameplay, and start new recordings and streams.
  • A single long-press of the Create button takes a screenshot.
  • A double-press of the Create button will save your recent gameplay as a video. How long your recent gameplay clips last can be adjusted from the single-press Create button menu.
  • Can I make a screenshot my background on PS5?

    No. There's no way to choose a background image for your PS5 home screen. The background is dynamic and changes depending on which game is currently highlighted.

  • How do I get a screenshot from my PS5 to my phone?

    Download the PlayStation app on your phone and link it to your PS5 console. In the app, go to Library > Captures > Enable. Then, go to Settings > Captures and Broadcasts > Captures > Auto-Upload to send PS5 screenshots to your phone.

  • How do I turn off automatic screenshots on PS5?

    To stop your PS5 from automatically taking screenshots when you earn trophies, go to Settings > Captures and Broadcasts > Trophies and turn off Save Trophy Screenshots. You might also want to turn off Save Trophy Videos.

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